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Literati Trivia: 90s Edition

Posted over 3 years ago by Hannah G

Did you think that Literati was just an average book club for Millennials? Well, books are just a small part of the fun that deliver at our Lit Events.

For example, Literati recently had a 90’s trivia night at Sylvania Branch. And, while you might have guessed that all the trivia would be 90’s book related, we focused on all aspects from candy to toys, and more. Keep reading below for some of the trivia questions and material recommendations that we had at the event. Then, join us for our next big event! (Find the trivia answers at the end of the post)

Literati blog post image 2, photo of 5 people from the 90s trivia night

Candy, Candy, Candy!

1. Which sour candy was invented in Taiwan in 1973, but was not introduced to the American market until 1993?

2. What was the original name of the Starburst candies?

Want to know more about candy?

Candy is magic : real ingredients, modern recipes / Jami Curl
Dylan's candy bar : unwrap your sweet life / Dylan Lauren with Sheryl Berk
The joy of vegan baking : more than 150 traditional treats & sinful sweets / Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Literati post image 3, photo of trivia night participants

Remember those toys from the 90’s?

3. In what country were Trolls created?

4. What is the name of Sonic the Hedgehog’s fox sidekick?

5. In which year was the original PlayStation released in the U.S. and Europe?

6. Crayola Crayons were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in which year?

These books really do make us feel nostalgic.

Brick by brick dinosaurs : more than 15 awesome LEGO brick projects / Warren Elsmore
Game on! : video game history from Pong and Pac-man to Mario, Minecraft, and more / Dustin Hansen
The game console : a photographic history from Xbox to Atari. / Evan Amos
Literati post image 4, photo of audience at Trivia night

That’s entertainment!

7. In the movie Speed, what speed must the bus be driven in order to avoid exploding?

8. In The Matrix, what is Neo’s real name?

9. Steve Jobs is credited as an executive producer of which 90’s movie?

10. Which 1999 horror movie was filmed in the style of a documentary, using a handheld camera?

These movies are oldies, but goodies. Check out some of our newer ones that are similar! Enjoy!

If you enjoyed Speed ...

Mission Impossible Fallout - movie starring Tom Cruise, written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie
Independence Day Resurgence - movie starring Liam Hemsworth, directed by Roland Emmerich
Spectre - movie starring Daniel Craig, directed by Sam Mendes
Triple Threat - movie starring Tony Jaa, directed by Jesse V. Johnson

If you enjoyed The Matrix ...

Edge of Tomorrow - movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, directed by Doug Liman
Moon - movie starring Sam Rockwell, directed by Duncan Jones
Source Code - movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, directed by Duncan Jones
Elysium - movie starring Matt Damon, directed by Neill Blomkamp

If you enjoyed the answer to trivia question #9 ...

The Secret Life of Pets - animated movie on DVD
Incredibles 2 - animated movie on DVD
Coco - animated movie on DVD
Smallfoot - animated movie on DVD

If you enjoyed the answer to trivia question #10 ...

As Above, So Below - movie directed by John Erick on DVD
The Killing of a Sacred Deer - movie starring Nicole Kidman, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos
It Follows - movie written and directed by David Robert Mitchell
It Comes at Night - movie written and directed by Trey Edwards Shults
Literati post image 5, photo of trivia night participants

And, if you’re just looking to sharpen skills before the next trivia event, check out some of our free databases! (You’ll just need your library card and PIN.)

Recommended Databases
Features reports with facts and one-of-a-kind perspectives on daily life and culture, customs and lifestyles of people across the world including special editions dedicated to the United States, Canadian provinces, the international world and kids.
Provides high quality, innovative learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve their technology, literacy and/or math skills. Offers information on more than 180 topics through 2,000 lessons, 800+ videos and over 50 interactive activities and games.
Newspaper Source
Provides articles from national and international newspapers, television & radio transcripts, and 200 regional newspapers including the Akron Beacon Journal, Boston Globe, Columbus Dispatch, Washington Post and more.
Open Culture
Open Culture boasts that is has the "best free cultural & educational media on the web". It's course catalog has a variety of offerings ranging from audiobooks, online courses, certificate courses, movies, languages, textbooks and even eBooks.
Free videos and article tutorials on how to use popular websites like Netflix, Amazon and Gmail as well as various social networks. Tutorials are geared towards baby boomer, senior learners and inexperienced internet users.
Very Short Introductions
Offers concise introductions to a diverse range of subject areas from climate to consciousness, game theory to ancient warfare, privacy to Islamic history, economics to literary theory and beyond.

And now, what you’ve really been looking for, the trivia answers:

  1. Warheads
  2. Opal Fruits
  3. Denmark
  4. Tails
  5. 1995
  6. 1998
  7. 50 MPH
  8. Thomas Anderson
  9. Toy Story
  10. The Blair Witch Project

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