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Found in Translation: Literature in Other Languages

Gifted translators like Edith Grossman break through language barriers to introduce readers to the great literature of the world, so you can finally find out what people mean when they talk about Don Quixote and windmills.

Love You, Hate Your Politics

It would be the understatement of a lifetime to say that political disagreements are problematic for most people these days. From friends to relatives to lovers, no relationship is immune to this crisis. Fear not, there are resources that can (hopefully!) help.

American Politics in Movies

If this election year has gotten you to a point where you've had it up to here with real-world politicians, these movies offer you the chance to take a break and spend some time with fictional politicians.

Reading the Supremes

If you're curious about the Supreme Court, the many books published about the late and legendary RBG are just the tip of the Ginsburg. I mean iceberg.

Presidents in Picture Books

When you're President of the United States, you not only get use of a plane and an in-house bowling alley, you may also wind up the star of a children's picture book, possibly alongside a talking aardvark.

Women in Politics: 6 Must Reads

For the first time in our nation's history a female of color is a nominee for the office of Vice President! Let's celebrate by diving into top 6 books by or about the ladies of politics.

Civic Literacy and Your Library

How do you know whether or not the information you have is credible, accurate, or true? We're here to help you make educated and informed decisions before casting your ballot.