Blog: Steinem Sisters

Helping You Meet Those Reading Goals

Have you started a reading challenge yet this year? Maybe you need a little inspiration to log a few more books for TLCPL’s Winter Read. Maybe you want to challenge yourself to “read harder” this year. No matter what, the team at Kent Branch has you covered! We have curated a list of challenges to diversify your reads this year, and our staff has provided suggestions of some of their faves to match!

Steinem Sisters Collection Recommends Feminist Fiction

At our last Steinem Sisters Collection Talking Circle of 2020, we celebrated the books that lifted us up and helped us get through what was a trying year. We hope you will find one, or two, from this list of feminist book recommendations that will do the same for you.

Equal Pay Day: An Intersectional Approach

Equal Pay Day is the symbolic marker of how long it takes for women to earn as much as men did the preceding year. Continue reading to learn more about this incredibly important issue that should concern everyone in our modern society.