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Unknown Photograph of Family Member Discovered

Posted over 2 years ago by Gayle H

Marcha Farley, a regular customer of the Local History and Genealogy Department during Main’s temporary closure, came across an extraordinary find. While searching for a great-uncle’s obituary in the microfilm for late June 1926, an image caught her eye while scanning.

George Farley, age 10, Toledo Blade (June 29, 1926)
Something told me to scroll back to check out what it was. I was completely shocked to find a photograph of my father! He was the first to sign up for the Blade’s swimming lessons at 10 years old. Amazing! That was one story I had never heard, but I’d know that smile anywhere.

Marcha took a photograph of the image with her phone, but staff in the department wondered if they could obtain a clearer copy. Bound issues of The Blade are kept in storage at the library, however older issues may often be too fragile to handle.

Finding the bound copy in good condition, another image was scanned that really helped Marcha that day. The caption of the photograph was more legible and gave greater detail about her father’s proud day.

I’m very grateful the staff went the distance in bringing out the bound volume. It gave me additional information that really captured the essence of just how exciting it must have been for ten-year-old George Farley that day in 1926.

Once the bound image was scanned, Marcha was able to email copies of the story to family members.

My siblings really got a kick out of the photograph. It was such a lovely reminder of our Dad. So much like him that you just have to smile. And for the younger family members, hopefully it will be a story that brings to life their great-grandfather that will be remembered for a very long time.

Please remember that during the ongoing renovation at Main Library, researchers can still visit the Local History and Genealogy Department by calling the department at 419.259.5233 to make an appointment.