West Toledo Branch: Renovation


The West Toledo Branch was transformed into a community learning center where customers can create content in a variety of digital and physical forms such as creating music, utilizing a 3D printer, making their own audio and video books, learning in expanded business and training centers and much more. The renovated West Toledo Branch, which formally debuted on October 24, 2014, serves as the catalyst for this amazing journey of reinvention.

West Toledo Branch opened in its present building in 1930. In 2001 the Branch remodeled and expanded. In 2013 the Branch closed temporarily for one year to upgrade again, and expand from 18,987 to 21,515 square feet – with exciting digital features including the system’s first-ever 3D printer and a Creation Studio complete with GarageBand for Mac. West Toledo Branch is such a beloved community fixture, that the entire neighborhood is called Library Village.

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