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Day to Night

January 27 - May 23 | Main Library

Photographer Stephen Wilkes' widely recognized work ranges from capturing the long-abandoned medical wards on Ellis Island and the impacts of Hurricane Katrina to shooting advertising campaigns for the world’s leading corporations. His photographs are included in public and private collections globally, and his editorial work has appeared in National Geographic, the New York Times, Vanity Fair and many others.

In "Day to Night: In the Field with Stephen Wilkes," he creates visually compelling scenes expertly crafted from more than 1,500 images taken from a fixed vantage point over the course of 15 to 30 hours, from sunrise to sunset. Wilkes spent much of 2017 in the field on assignment documenting bird migration routes for the March 2018 issue of National Geographic magazine. The exhibit features four expansive mega-prints of bird migrations that reflect the theme of conservation. "Day to Night" gives visitors behind-the-scenes insight into all that’s involved in Wilkes’ shoots, from the research put into scouting locations, to determining how time will move through the image, to the time spent conducting the actual shoot, and finally to the extensive editing process.

Pictured Photo Credit: Photographed with the permission of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Maumee Branch Exhibits

The Art of Abstraction: Acrylics

Feb. 15 - March 30 | Maumee

For a long while, artist Michael Mitchell didn't understand modern art because it seemed too simple in its execution. As he learned more about the artists and their classical beginnings, he began to comprehend the reasons and methods and that they were a new interpretation of art. Mitchell makes paintings with newer techniques and deliveries that are different from the normal art world and hopes his work will spark artistic expression in others.

Athena Art Society: A World of Color

April 1 – May 14 | Maumee

On November 7, 1903, 18 women met in the studio of Nina S. Stevens in the original Toledo Museum of Art building. That was the beginning of Athena Art Society, whose mission was "to assist and encourage women in the fine arts". Now in 2019, the members have remained true to their 1903 mission statement. Athena first exhibited in the Toledo Museum of Art in December of 1903 and for forty years following. They then branched out to exhibit throughout the community. Athena has shown their work in many local galleries, museums, libraries and out-of-town venues. This March, their work will again hang in the Ohio statehouse for the 5th time in honor of Women's History Month.

Sanger Branch Exhibits

Photography of Ambershaun Byrd

March 1 – 31 | Sanger

Ambershaun (Miller) Byrd believes that photography and entrepreneurship bridge generations and create freedom of thought while preserving history for the future. Ambershaun worked for 15 years as an administrator at the University of Toledo before becoming a full-time photographer and business owner in 2015. She has photographed over 50 weddings, over 100 high school and college students, and is a nationally published photographer in the Huffington Post, Toffee & Honey Magazine, and most recently seen on the cover of the Toledo City Paper.

Sylvania Senior Carvers

March 1 – 31 | Sanger

Enjoy an exhibit of natural wood carvings by members of the Sylvania Senior Center.

Lois M. MacDonell

April 1 – 30 | Sanger

Artist Lois MacDonell works primarily in acrylic and pastels but likes to explore new techniques whenever possible. In addition to art, MacDonell also creates jewelry and is a blues singer.

Watercolors by Katie Stacy

April 1 – 30 | Sanger

Katie Stacy earned a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Toledo. She has been featured in galleries across Ohio and has won several awards in local fine arts shows. While currently pursuing a career in the tattoo arts at the Toledo Tattoo Company, Stacy continues to paint and exhibit her artwork at local arts festivals and shows. Inspired by her mother’s passion, Katie has been fascinated with the natural world throughout her life. As part of a new art project, Stacy created a fantasy organization focused on the discovery, study and documentation of hybrid creatures. Engineering these hybrids and imagining this organization fulfilled her desire to further investigate the natural world and create something completely original. Recent pieces focus on exploring movement, detail, texture and inter-species relationships. Her use of watercolor gives them an ephemeral quality.

Student Exhibits

From area schools | Sanger

Please visit Sanger Branch to view and support local art students at the following exhibits:

  • Christ the King: February 2020
  • Old Orchard: March 2020
  • Grove Patterson: April 2020
  • Ottawa Hills Jr./Sr. High Schools: May 2020

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