Library Love

Photo of Heatherdowns Branch

J. Mills

I Heatherdowns


Is not nondescript.

Rather, it is an intriguing and exciting place.

Full of books, yes

With patient staff receptive to curious minds of visitors,

Sometimes perplexed, sometimes not,

Leading them to find

What they are looking for

Books, websites, printing techniques




Ideas and thoughts

For some the quietness and the peacefulness Is boring, For others it is relaxing, calming,

Providing an escape to a newer order,

Of being.

Of character

Greater strength and knowledge.

Like the gym provides strength

To the body, building muscle

The library strengthens the body, mind, soul and heart. It is not just a ·shelter of bricks and mortar,

It has shelves with books waiting to be lifted into the curious hands of the mind,

Not racks with dumbbells and lead plates,

It has character that develops the soul,

Stirs the imagination,

To create a good and better humanity.

What do you about TLCPL?

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