Library Love

Library Love Cousins August 1994


I Main Library

I love the warmth, the lines, the generations-old secrets possessed by decades-old architecture like the original part of Main. I am continually warmed by memories of hours spent in libraries with my children, 4-year-olds: daughter and niece in white and orange outfits, respectively (pictured in 1994); and off-camera, my 20-month-old son secure in his stroller. Library programming stimulated my children's imaginations and provided access to inaccessible people and places, sports instruction, and sheet music. After my children would make their selections, their patience spent, on the way to circulation, I would snatch some new or featured titles from a display near checkout; for my pleasure or ladies only book club selection. Twenty-five years later, my daughter began a D.C. metro area, ladies-only book club. Hundreds have joined through a group platform. Before COVID-19 shutdown, attendance hovered around 25 occasionally in their local library.

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