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Photo of Reynolds Corners Branch

S. Plessner 

I Reynolds Corners

Mark and I reached a milestone! We finished reading Close to Birds by Mats Ottosson et al, and now I’ve read 400 books aloud to Mark! I started reading aloud to Mark before we were married 15 years ago. Back then I never imagined I would read 400 books aloud, but it’s something we really enjoy sharing together. Most of the books we read are about birds and nature, and most of them come from the library. We’re thankful that the Reynolds Corners branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library is only two miles from our house. Although Mark and I rarely travel outside of Lucas County, we sure enjoy “armchair traveling”! In Close to Birds we “journeyed” to Sweden to learn about how everyday people form close connections to common species of wild birds there. What a delightful book!

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