PCs for People distributes low-cost refurbished computers and internet to income-eligible individuals through an easy-to-apply online application system. Every desktop includes a mouse, a keyboard, power cords and monitor cords at no additional cost. This service is still available with contactless pick up during the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department stay-at-home advisory.

How to participate:

See directions below and view this helpful video.

1. Go to pcsforpeople.org/ohio/

2. Choose Lucas County so you can register and apply.

Before you apply, make sure you have the following:

  • An active email address. The Library can help you create an email account. Visit any location or call 419.259.5200.
  • Documents verifying program eligibility, such as a County benefits statement or Free or Reduced Lunch letter. You will upload the document. The Library can help you upload documents. Visit any location or call 419.259.5200.

3. First you will choose your pickup location.
You can choose Heatherdowns, Locke, Main, Washington or West Toledo.

4. Select the equipment or internet service you want and if you want to apply for financial aid.

5. You will then create an account.

6. Then you will check out. If you applied for financial aid, your total will show $0 while you apply for aid.

7. You will get an order confirmation. This does not mean your order is ready. The documents you submitted still have to be approved, and there may be other steps if you requested financial aid. The next steps will come to your email, so you will need to check that email account regularly.

Need help?

Call PCs FOR PEOPLE: 216-777-4441
Email PCs FOR PEOPLE: cleveland@pcsforpeople.org
Call the Library 419.259.5200
Email the Library toledolibrary.org/contact

Want to support PCs FOR PEOPLE?

PCs for People provides free e-waste pickup and recycling* of electronic waste from businesses, educational, governmental organizations. PCs for People has both NAID AAA and R2 certifications, meaning your data is protected through strict adherence to the highest standards of information destruction, hard drive sanitization, and all recycling is environmentally responsible. PCs for People accepts nearly all electronic waste - including computers, peripherals, monitors, cables, drives, and more.

* PCs for People offers free pick up and processing with a minimum of 15 computers, and other e-waste. There is a charge for recycling CRT monitors and televisions.

A single pickup can be scheduled or setup to reoccur as needed. After being scheduled, a team of workers will arrive at your location and physically remove equipment from storage areas. Contact ptuttle@pcsforpeople.org or call 216-600-0014 to schedule a pickup.