Babies & Toddlers

I'll Love You Till the Cows Come Home Board Book

Author: Kathryn Cristaldi

ISBN: 9780062574220

I will love you till the cows come home from a trip to Mars through skies unknown, in a rocket ship made of glass and stone ... I will love you till the cows come home.Love knows no bounds in this tender tribute to the depths of family love. For...

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My Baby Loves Valentine's Day

Author: Jabari Asim

ISBN: 9780062884640

The perfect Valentine's gift for your baby or toddler! In My Baby Loves Valentine's Day, celebrate all the lovely things that Baby discovers about Valentines Day:Baby loves hearts made of paper and lace. Baby loves kisses and a loving embrace.Baby loves pretty red roses...Celebrate all the lovely things Baby discovers...

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Let's Say I Love You

Author: Giselle Ang

ISBN: 9780062978684

Teach babies to spread love in twelve different languages with this adorable multilingual board book! Get ready, everyone! LET'S SAY...I LOVE YOU.A perfect companion to Disney's It's A Small World and Shirley Ng-Benitez's How Do You Say series, Let's Say board books teach tiny tots warm and friendly words/phrases in...

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Little Blue Truck's Valentine

Author: Alice Schertle

ISBN: 9780358272441

"Beep!" said Blue. "Happy Valentine's Day!" Join Little Blue Truck as he delivers Valentine's Day cards to all his farm animal friends. But as Blue beeps along, he starts to wonder: will he get any cards of his own? With brightly colored foil accents throughout and a large gatefold at...

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Anything with You: A Picture Book

Author: Charlie Mylie

ISBN: 9780374312527

A mouse and his friend are going on an adventure! What are they going to find? They'll wander through the woods, looking everywhere and exploring everything. As they follow the trails and search together, they'll see that anything is more fun when you're with your best friend.

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The Runaway No-wheeler

Author: Peter Stein

ISBN: 9780593114209

THE RUNAWAY NO-WHEELER is a clever spin on a counting book and the perennial favorite, a book starring trucks. Tony is a sturdy, long-hauling 18-wheeler with a delivery to make, but many obstacles are in the way -- from potholes to slime to rescue missions to aliens' space rockets. In...

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I Am Smart, I Am Blessed, I Can Do Anything!

Author: Alissa Holder

ISBN: 9780593206607

It's a new day and Ayaan has woken up on the wrong side of the bed, where nothing feels quite right. What if he doesn't know the answer at school? What if he messes up? But as he sets out that morning, all it takes is a few reminders from...

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Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?: A Who Was? Board Book

Author: Lisbeth Kaiser

ISBN: 9780593222737

The #1 New York Times Bestselling Who Was? series expands into the board book space, bringing age-appropriate biographies of influential figures to readers ages 2-4. The chronology and themes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s meaningful life are presented in a masterfully succinct text, with just a few sentences per...

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Author: Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9780593303887

A parent and baby polar bear have a fun-filled, loving day together in their cheerful Arctic home, as the big bear reassures the little bear that they will be best friends forever. You'll love snuggling up with your little one and this adorable and soothing picture book celebrating togetherness, friendship...

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Things I Love to Do with You

Author: Amy Schwartz

ISBN: 9781419748097

Amy Schwartz, author-illustrator of Things That Make Me Happy, returns with Things I Love to Do with You. From sticking stickers and wearing slickers, to making faces and running races, here is a sweet collection of things that young ones can do with those they love!

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Jonny Lambert's On the Farm

Author: Jonny Lambert

ISBN: 9781465499929

Beautifully illustrated by Jonny Lambert, and with simple text to read aloud, this is a perfect first picture book to share with little ones.Preschoolers will love joining in with the animal sounds, and lifting the flaps to discover what happens in a farm year - cows emerging from a barn...

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Author: Ruth Forman

ISBN: 9781534446311

Me Morning Mirror Smile Shine big hair love This simple, playful, and beautiful board book stars five friends who celebrate the joy and confidence that comes from a perfect hairstyle from bouncing curls to swinging braids.

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Little Love

Author: Nadine Brun-Cosme

ISBN: 9781534477452

When Little One sees Mommy and Daddy, a big smile grows on her face Mommy wraps Little One in her arms and showers her with kisses. In this sweet story all about love, Little Love learns just how much her parents love her. A perfect first book of feelings, this...

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How Big Is Love?

Author: Emma Dodd

ISBN: 9781536215441

"Before you came I did not know just how big love can be. Love's wider than the ocean, it's deeper than the sea." Does love have a size? A family of ducks celebrates the boundless affection between them in Emma Dodd's gentle rhyming ode to unconditional love...

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That's What Love Is

Author: Hannah C. Hall

ISBN: 9781546034384

As a mama bear and her cub observe the other animals around them, they see them acting with patience, kindness, selflessness, and other attributes of love. A daddy duck waits patiently for his ducklings; a hen selflessly shelters her chicks from the rain; a beaver perseveres to finish the work...

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The Shy Little Kitten's Valentine's Day

Author: Andrea Posner-Sanchez

ISBN: 9781984850096

Celebrate Valentine's Day with the Shy Little Kitten and her animal friends! Preschoolers will love touching the soft red hat, scarf, blanket, and heart decorations featured on the cover and interior pages of this sturdy board book. Makes a great gift for any loved one.

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