Crafts & Hobbies

Gray Matters

Author: Jim Gray

ISBN: 9780062992062

A riveting, insightful memoir of never-before-told stories from Jim Gray, twelve-time Emmy Award-winner, Hall of Fame sports broadcaster, and renowned interviewer -- that explores the author's career and the inside stories and memorable moments of the famous legends he has covered including, Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James...

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My iPhone for Seniors

Author: Brad Miser

ISBN: 9780136824411

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do. Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most. Large, full-color, close-up photos with callouts to iPhone photos that show you exactly what to do. Common-sense help when you run into iPhone problems or limitations. Tips and notes to...

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Smithsonian Makers Workshop: Fascinating History & Essential How-Tos: Gardening, Crafting, Decorating & Food

Author: Smithsonian Institution

ISBN: 9780358008644

50 DIY crafts, cooking, decorating, and gardening projects from the experts at the Smithsonian Institution The Smithsonian Institution presents a uniquely curated collection of lively how-to projects and historical narratives of four realms of American domestic arts: cooking, crafts, decorating, and gardening. Perfect for hobbyists interested in the historical context...

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The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival

Author: Steven Rinella

ISBN: 9780593129692

For anyone planning to spend time outside, from day hikers, backpackers, and bird-watchers to hunters, anglers, and backcountry adventurers, The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival is the perfect antidote to the sensationalism of the modern survival genre. Filled with practical advice you'll actually use and informed by the...

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Dinosaur Facts and Figures: The Theropods and Other Dinosauriformes

Author: Rubén Molina-Pérez

ISBN: 9780691180311

An illustrated record book of theropod facts and figures -- from the biggest to the fastest to the smartestThe theropod dinosaurs ruled the planet for millions of years, with species ranging from the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex to feathered raptors no bigger than turkeys. Dinosaur Facts and Figures is a stunningly...

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Knit a Hat: A Beginner's Guide to Knitting

Author: Alanna Okun

ISBN: 9781419740657

Knitting is an excellent handcraft and something people love the world over. For crafting newbies, knitting can seem highly daunting: you need needles (but what size?) , yarn (but what weight?) , and a pattern (but what kind?) , and very quickly knitting can start to resemble another language...

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Make Time for Creativity: Finding Space for Your Most Meaningful Work

Author: Brandon Stosuy

ISBN: 9781419746536

Venture into a space that intimately discusses how to find time to express yourself and develop your talents. Author Brandon Stosuy (co-founder of The Creative Independent) taps into a diverse network of working artists to provide perspective on how creativity can be prioritized among the other demands on your...

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Woodworking: The Complete Step-by-step Manual

Author: DK

ISBN: 9781465491114

Whether you want to build your own bed or put a bookshelf together, find out how to tackle your chosen woodwork task with confidence using this step-by-step guide.Learn how to master the key woodwork techniques, from simple skills to intricate carving, following clear instructions and photographs. Find out how to...

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Fast Forward, Play, and Rewind

Author: Michael Oberman

ISBN: 9781493050925

The Doors, James Brown, the Grateful Dead, the Sir Douglas Quintet, David Bowie - the list goes on. . . . From 1967 to 1973, Michael Oberman interviewed more than three hundred top musical artists. Collected together for the first time, Fast Forward, Play and Rewind presents more than one...

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The Ultimate Book of Scavenger Hunts: 42 Outdoor Adventures to Conquer with Your Family

Author: Tornio, Stacy

ISBN: 9781493051533

It's hard to resist a scavenger hunt. Give kids a list of things to find, and they naturally want to turn it into a game and start checking things off. Add in an outdoor and nature twist, and the game is elevated to a whole new level--and what an amazing...

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Sew-It-Yourself Home Accessories: 21 Practical Projects to Make in a Weekend

Author: Cheryl Owen

ISBN: 9781504800938

Making original soft furnishings is a great way to add style and glamor to your home - and can be fun too! Sew-It-Yourself Home Accessories offers:20 simple and beautiful projects to make with natural cotton Weekend projects for aprons, bags, cushions, device cases, placemats, totes, and more Stash busting small...

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Grandpa Magic: 112 Easy Tricks, Amazing Brainteasers, and Simple Stunts to Wow the Grandkids

Author: Allan Zola Kronzek

ISBN: 9781523501052

From a professional magician and New York Times bestselling author, 100 tricks, stunts, and brainteasers that will engage the grandchildren and provide giggles, jaw-dropping awe, and wonderful memories. From the old pull-a-quarter-from-behind-a-kid's-ear trick and "removing your thumb" to card tricks, stunts for the dinner table, and verbal puzzles that surprise...

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Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Stars: 75 Exquisite Paper Designs to Fold, Cut, and Curl

Author: Ayako Brodek

ISBN: 9781568365947

This gorgeous volume offers readers everything they need to know to capture, in paper, the perfect geometry and delicate beauty of snowflakes, sunbursts, and stars. Ayako Brodek (Origami and Kirigami) and Shannon Voigt (Quilling) , two of today's leading papercrafters, provide all the techniques for creating seventy-five exquisite shapes that...

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You Talkin' to Me?: How to Write Great Dialogue

Author: Linda Seger

ISBN: 9781615933136

Unlike the chitchat of everyday life, dialogue in stories must express character, advance the story, suggest a theme, and include a few memorable lines that audiences will be quoting for decades to come. The best stories have dialogue that sparkles, but it's easy for inexperienced writers to fall into common...

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Shikake: The Japanese Art of Shaping Behavior Through Design

Author: Naohiro Matsumura

ISBN: 9781631497810

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up meets Nudge in this irresistible design method from Japan.We are living in a time when behavioral change is necessary for our health and survival. Yet we find it exceedingly difficult to transform our own habits, let alone those of other people. Enter Naohiro Matsumura...

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Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts

Author: Nina Montenegro

ISBN: 9781632172525

Mending Life is a beautifully illustrated, practical tool kit for repairing the clothes and belongings we love. It is also an exploration of how mending can be a gently healing practice in our daily lives and a small act of rebellion in a world where many things are discarded without...

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Happy Wool Felt Animals: Needle Felt 30 Furry & Feathered Friends

Author: Makiko Arai

ISBN: 9781644030028

30 Needle Felted Animals to Make and LoveCraft a menagerie of miniature animals from simple materials! Author Makiko Arai's easy felting techniques are perfect for beginners or anyone who enjoys a relaxing handcraft. With a little wool roving and a felting needle in hand, you'll get step-by-step instructions to make...

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Truth Bomb: Inspiration from the Mouths and Minds of Women Artists

Author: Abigail Crompton

ISBN: 9781760761271

Learn to embrace life like an artist with this playful compilation of emerging and established women artists.If anyone can teach readers how to pursue the life and work of an artist, it is the twenty-two amazing artists included in Truth Bomb.This colorful compilation of pioneering and established women artists from...

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Quick Crafts for Parents Who Think They Hate Craft

Author: Emma Scott-Child

ISBN: 9781785042485

Skeleton Mask, Pompon Monsters, Paper Bag Stars, Woven Paper Chessboard, and more. Quick Crafts for Parents Who Think They Hate Craft is packed with 40 projects free from crazy origami to lose your cool over and glue to clean out of everyone's hair. Get creative with your children even if...

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Children's Creative Craft Projects

Author: Margaret Etherington

ISBN: 9786059192583

This book contains exciting craft projects for children to make and own - or to give as presents. The projects also provide a fun way for children and adults to be creative together. There are brilliant ideas to decorate your space and store your stuff using stamping, stenciling, printing, stitching...

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