New Fiction

The Rib King: A Novel

Author: Ladee Hubbard

ISBN: 9780062979063

"Ladee Hubbard's voice is a welcome original." - Mary GaitskillUpstairs, Downstairs meets Parasite: The acclaimed author of The Talented Ribkins deconstructs painful African American stereotypes and offers a fresh and searing critique on race, class, privilege, ambition, exploitation, and the seeds of rage in America in this intricately woven and...

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A Thousand Ships: A Novel

Author: Natalie Haynes

ISBN: 9780063065390

"With her trademark passion, wit, and fierce feminism, Natalie Haynes gives much-needed voice to the silenced women of the Trojan War." - Madeline Miller, author of CirceShortlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction, a gorgeous retelling of the Trojan War from the perspectives of the many women involved in its...

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Blood Grove

Author: Walter Mosley

ISBN: 9780316491181

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Summerwater: A Novel

Author: Sarah Moss

ISBN: 9780374105938

They rarely speak to each other, but they take notice -- watching from the safety of their cabins, peering into the half-lit drizzle of a Scottish summer day, making judgments from what little they know of their temporary neighbors. On the longest day of the year, the hours pass nearly...

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Pale Colors in a Tall Field: Poems

Author: Phillips, Carl

ISBN: 9780374229054

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Pickard County Atlas: A Novel

Author: Chris Harding Thornton

ISBN: 9780374231255

In a dusty town in Nebraska's rugged sandhills, weary sheriff's deputy Harley Jensen patrols the streets at night, on the lookout for something -- anything -- out of the ordinary. It's July 1978, and the heat is making people ornery, restless. That and the Reddick family patriarch has decided, decades...

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That Old Country Music: Stories

Author: Kevin Barry

ISBN: 9780385540339

With three novels and two short story collections published, Kevin Barry has steadily established his stature as one of the finest writers not just in Ireland but in the English language. All of his prodigious gifts of language, character, and setting in these eleven exquisite stories transport the reader to...

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No Heaven for Good Boys: A Novel

Author: Keisha Bush

ISBN: 9780399591969

Six-year-old Ibrahimah loves snatching pastries from his mother's kitchen, harvesting string beans with his father, and searching for sea glass with his sisters. But when he is approached in his rural village one day by Marabout Ahmed, a seemingly kind stranger and highly regarded teacher, the tides of his life...

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Asylum: A personal, historical, natural inquiry in 103 lyric sections

Author: Jill Bialosky

ISBN: 9780525657095

In Asylum, poet Jill Bialosky embarks on a Virgilian journey, building a narrative sequence from 103 elegant poems and prose sections that cohere in their intensity and their need to explore darkness and sustenance both. Taken together, these piercing pieces--about her nascent calling as a writer; her sister's suicide and...

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In the Garden of Spite: A Novel of the Black Widow of La Porte

Author: Camilla Bruce

ISBN: 9780593102565

They whisper about her in Chicago. Men come to her with their hopes, their dreams--their fortunes. But no one sees them leave. No one sees them at all after they come to call on the Widow of La Porte.The good people of Indiana may have their suspicions, but if those...

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Joint Custody

Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted

ISBN: 9780593199589

The Man has custody Monday through Friday, The Woman has custody on the weekends. But that's not enough for Gatz, who will do anything to bring them back together - even if it kills him. And it almost did. Of course he knows chocolate is bad for him, especially two...

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Olive Bright, Pigeoneer

Author: Stephanie Graves

ISBN: 9781496731517

Though war rages across mainland Europe and London is strafed by German aircraft, the little village of Pipley in Hertfordshire bustles along much as it always has. Adrift since her best friend, George, joined the Royal Air Force, twenty-two-year-old Olive Bright fills her days by helping at her father's veterinary...

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Thirteenth Balloon

Author: Bibbins, Mark

ISBN: 9781556595776

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Something's Brewing: Short Stories and Plays for Everyone

Author: Jillian Ober

ISBN: 9781633374638

Delightful stories about navigating the ups and downs of adulthood while living with a disability. The characters' perspectives are fresh and honest as they overcome heartbreak, face disappointments, renew friendships and celebrate triumphs. An informative read for anyone who is curious about what it is like to live with a...

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The Mermaid from Jeju: A Novel

Author: Sumi Hahn

ISBN: 9781643854403

In the aftermath of World War II, Goh Junja is a girl just coming into her own. She is the latest successful deep sea diver in a family of strong haenyeo. Confident she is a woman now, Junja urges her mother to allow her to make the Goh family's annual...

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Siri, Who Am I?: A Novel

Author: Sam Tschida

ISBN: 9781683691686

Memento gets a Millennial makeover by debut author Sam Tschida in this smart and edgy comedy about a Kardashians-obsessed woman who wakes up in an LA hospital with amnesia, a torn party dress, and a broken iPhone and must work backward, using her Instagram account, to piece together her identity...

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That Time of Year

Author: Marie NDiaye

ISBN: 9781931883917

Herman's wife and child are nowhere to be found, and the weather in the village, perfectly agreeable just days earlier, has taken a sudden turn for the worse. Tourist season is over. It's time for the vacationing Parisians, Herman and his family included, to abandon their rural getaways and return...

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White Blood: A Lyric of Virginia

Author: Kiki Petrosino

ISBN: 9781946448545

In her fourth full-length book, White Blood: A Lyric of Virginia, Kiki Petrosino turns her gaze to Virginia, where she digs into her genealogical and intellectual roots, while contemplating the knotty legacies of slavery and discrimination in the Upper South. From a stunning double crown sonnet, to erasure poetry contained...

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The Last Garden in England

Author: Julia Kelly

ISBN: 9781982107826

Present day: Emma Lovett, who has dedicated her career to breathing new life into long-neglected gardens, has just been given the opportunity of a lifetime: to restore the gardens of the famed Highbury House estate, designed in 1907 by her hero Venetia Smith. But as Emma dives deeper into the...

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