New Fiction

The Talented Miss Farwell: A Novel

Author: Emily Gray Tedrowe

ISBN: 9780062897725

Catch Me If You Can meets Patricia Highsmith in this electrifying page-turner of greed and obsession, survival and self-invention that is a piercing character study of one unforgettable female con artist."Becky Farwell is one of the most wickedly compelling characters I've read in ages -- a Machiavellian marvel, a modern...

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The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett: A Novel

Author: Annie Lyons

ISBN: 9780063026063

Infused with the emotional power of Me Before You and the irresistible charm of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and Be Frank with Me, a moving and joyous novel about an elderly woman ready to embrace death and the little girl who reminds her what it means to live.Eudora Honeysett...

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An Indiana Christmas

Author: Bryan Furuness

ISBN: 9780253050281

Imagine a moonlit railroad track, a rural road and barn covered with just a dusting of snow, a hound dog asleep by the woodstove, and a Red Ryder BB gun hidden behind the tinseled tree—all the makings of an unforgettable Indiana Christmas. In An Indiana Christmas, editor Bryan Furuness brings...

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Imperfect Women: A Novel

Author: Araminta Hall

ISBN: 9780374272586

From the author of Our Kind of Cruelty comes an enthralling, irresistible novel of psychological suspense about three women and the destructive power of buried secretsWhen Nancy Hennessy is murdered, she leaves behind two best friends, a loving husband and daughter, and a secret lover whose identity she took to...

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Jack: A Novel

Author: Marilynne Robinson

ISBN: 9780374279301

Marilynne Robinson, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Humanities Medal, returns to the world of Gilead with Jack, the final in one of the great works of contemporary American fiction.Jack tells the story of John Ames Boughton, the black sheep of his family, the beloved and grieved-over prodigal...

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The Summer Sisters

Author: Lilly Mirren

ISBN: 9780648805335

Bindi Summer, the hard-working manager at The Waratah Inn is tired, feeling low, and wondering where her life is headed. Then, she is blind-sided by a shock revelation and the sudden arrival of her ex-boyfriend, who shows up at the inn, questioning his decision to leave her almost two years...

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Christmas at the Waratah Inn

Author: Mirren Lilly

ISBN: 9780648805342

Without her husband or the thriving business she spent years of her life building, Elizabeth doesn't know who she is or what to do with her days. She's dreading spending her first Christmas alone when her friends convince her to book a holiday at the Waratah Inn.Robert Patch thought things...

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Daughter of Black Lake: A Novel

Author: Cathy Marie Buchanan

ISBN: 9780735216167

It's the season of Fallow, in the era of iron. In a northern misty bog surrounded by woodlands and wheat fields, a settlement lies far beyond the reach of the Romans invading hundreds of miles to the southeast. Here, life is simple--or so it seems to the tightly knit community...

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Rules of the Road

Author: Geraghty, Ciara

ISBN: 9780778309710

In this emotional, life-affirming novel, two women embark on an extraordinary road trip and discover the transformative power of female friendship. The simple fact of the matter is that Iris loves life. Maybe she's forgotten that. Sometimes that happens, doesn't it? To the best of us? All I have to...

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Out of the Embers

Author: Amanda Cabot

ISBN: 9780800735357

Ten years after her parents were killed, Evelyn Radcliffe is once more homeless. The orphanage that was her refuge and later her workplace has burned to the ground, and only she and a young orphan girl have escaped. Convinced this must be related to her parents' murders, Evelyn flees with...

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Something Worth Doing

Author: Jane Kirkpatrick

ISBN: 9780800736118

In 1853, Abigail Scott was a 19-year-old school teacher in Oregon Territory when she married Ben Duniway. Marriage meant giving up on teaching, but Abigail always believed she was meant to be more than a good wife and mother. When financial mistakes and an injury force Ben to stop working...

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Point of Danger

Author: Irene Hannon

ISBN: 9780800736170

Radio talk show host Eve Reilly is used to backlash from her pot-stirring on-air commentary and interviews, but now it seems a disgruntled listener is resorting to more than angry words to express their displeasure. When a suspicious package arrives on her doorstep, Eve turns to law enforcement for help.Police...

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Earthlings: A Novel

Author: Sayaka Murata

ISBN: 9780802157003

As a child, Natsuki doesn't fit into her family. Her parents favor her sister, and her best friend is a plush toy hedgehog named Piyyut who has explained to her that he has come from the planet Popinpobopia on a special quest to help her save the Earth. Each summer...

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Cardiff, by the Sea

Author: Joyce Carol Oates

ISBN: 9780802157997

From one of the most important contemporary American writers, Cardiff, by the Sea is a bold, haunting collection of four previously unpublished novellas. In the titular novella, an academic in Pennsylvania discovers a terrifying trauma from her past after inheriting a house in Cardiff, Maine from someone she has never...

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Happily This Christmas: A Novel

Author: Susan Mallery

ISBN: 9781335081285

There's no place like Happily Inc for the holidays ... Wynn Beauchene has a thriving business, a great kid and a mildly embarrassing crush on the guy next door - local cop Garrick McCabe. She's a strong, independent woman who can't help dreaming what-if about a man she barely knows...

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The Wicked Die Twice

Author: William W Johnstone

ISBN: 9781496724175

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The Gift of Family

Author: Mary Monroe

ISBN: 9781496730619

From acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe comes the captivating and heartfelt tale of a couple who has everything - except the dream they long for most. But this Christmas, a reunion with someone from the past could gift them a once-in-a-lifetime last chance . . . Successful...

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Fifty Words for Rain: A Novel

Author: Asha Lemmie

ISBN: 9781524746360

From debut author Asha Lemmie, a sweeping, heartrending coming-of-age novel about a young woman's quest for acceptance - and the unexpected ally that will change everything - in post-World War II Japan.Kyoto, Japan, 1948. "If a woman knows nothing else, she should know how to be silent. . . ...

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Payback: A Novel

Author: Mary Gordon

ISBN: 9781524749224

A novel of lifelong reckoning between two womenUnbeknownst to her many fans, Quin Archer, the revenge-loving queen of the reality-TV show PAYBACK, was once an angry teen named Heidi. Her true story may be known only to Agnes, who was her art teacher at a private New England girls' school...

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The Quiet Girl

Author: S. F. Kosa

ISBN: 9781728215563

Good girls keep quiet. Quiet girls won't stay silent forever.When Alex arrives in Provincetown to patch things up with his new wife, he finds an empty wine glass in the sink, her wedding ring on the desk, and a string of questions in her wake. The police believe that Alex's...

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Tiny Nightmares: Very Short Stories of Horror

Author: Lincoln Michel

ISBN: 9781948226622

In this playful, spine-tingling collection, leading literary and horror writers spin unforgettably chilling tales in only a few pages. Tiny Nightmares brings to life broken-hearted vampires, Uber-taking serial killers, mind-reading witches, and monsters of all imaging, as well as stories that tackle the horrors of our modern world from...

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Butterfly Bayou

Author: Blake, Lexi

ISBN: 9781984806567

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Bayou Baby

Author: Lexi Blake

ISBN: 9781984806581

A heartwarming contemporary romance set in Louisiana's Butterfly Bayou from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake. Seraphina Guidry loves Butterfly Bayou. A young, single mom, she's trying to find a place for herself in the town she cherishes, but past mistakes have made her wary. She adores her son...

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