New Fiction

The New Wilderness

Author: Diane Cook

ISBN: 9780062333131

"The New Wilderness is a virtuosic debut, brutal and beautiful in equal measure." - Emily St. John Mandel, New York Times bestselling author of Station ElevenHelen Phillips meets Miranda July in this daring and imaginative debut novel that explores a moving mother-daughter relationship in a world ravaged by climate change...

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The Lady Brewer of London: A Novel

Author: Karen Brooks

ISBN: 9780063008243

An unforgettable historical tale set in fifteenth-century England of a brilliant woman's defiance, courage, and ingenuity - from the author of The Locksmith's Daughter and The Chocolate Maker's Wife. 1405: The daughter of a wealthy merchant, Anneke Sheldrake suddenly finds her family bankrupted when her father's ship is swept away...

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Little Wishes: A Novel

Author: Michelle Adams

ISBN: 9780063019560

For anyone who loves One Day in December and Me Before You, a sweeping love story, written with tenderness, warmth, and a generosity of spirit, about first love and second chances, a lifelong dream and finding the courage to follow your heart.On her favorite day of the year, Elizabeth Davenport...

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The Great Offshore Grounds: A novel

Author: Vanessa Veselka

ISBN: 9780525658078

On the day of their estranged father's wedding, half sisters Cheyenne and Livy set off to claim their inheritance. It's been years since the two have seen each other. Cheyenne is newly back in Seattle, crashing with Livy after a failed marriage and a series of dead ends. Livy works...

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Little Threats

Author: Emily Schultz

ISBN: 9780593086995

Both a taut whodunit and a haunting snapshot of the effects of a violent crime, Little Threats tells the story of a woman who served fifteen years in prison for murder...and now it's time to find out if she's guilty.In the summer of 1993, twin sisters Kennedy and Carter Wynn...

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Tokyo Ueno Station: A Novel

Author: Yu Miri

ISBN: 9780593088029

A surreal, devastating story of a homeless ghost who haunts one of Tokyo's busiest train stations.Kazu is dead. Born in Fukushima in 1933, the same year as the Japanese Emperor, his life is tied by a series of coincidences to the Imperial family and has been shaped at every turn...

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This Time Next Year

Author: Sophie Cousens

ISBN: 9780593191200

Minnie Cooper knows two things with certainty: that her New Year's birthday is unlucky, and that it's all because of Quinn Hamilton, a man she's never met. Their mothers gave birth to them at the same hospital just after midnight on New Year's Day, but Quinn was given the cash...

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Pretending: A Novel

Author: Holly Bourne

ISBN: 9780778331506

April is kind, pretty and relatively normal - yet she can't seem to get past date five. Every time she thinks she's found someone to trust, they reveal themselves to be awful, leaving her heartbroken. And angry. Until she realizes that what men are really looking for is Gretel.Gretel is...

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A Thousand Texas Longhorns

Author: Johnny D. Boggs

ISBN: 9780786046218

The Civil War is over. The future of the American West is up for grabs. Any man crazy enough to lead a herd of Texas longhorns to the north stands to make a fortune--and make history. That man would be Nelson Story. A bold entrepreneur and miner, he knows a...

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Author: Rachelle Dekker

ISBN: 9780800735968

Zoe Johnson spent most of her life living in the shadows, never drawing attention to herself, never investing in people or places. But when a wide-eyed, bedraggled teenager with no memory walks into the diner where Zoe works, everything changes. Now, against her better judgment, Zoe, who has been trying...

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The Conqueror

Author: Bryan Litfin

ISBN: 9780800738174

Rome stands at the brink of war. Constantine's army is on the move. Will the barbarian warrior and the senator's daughter live to see the Empire bow the knee to Christ?  Constantine's Empire, book 1.  (Edited 12/20)

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Fallen Angel

Author: Tracy Borman

ISBN: 9780802157614

In the gripping conclusion to Tracy Borman's Stuart-era trilogy, Frances Gorges must face a dangerous new enemy deep within the court of James ILife has never been quiet for Frances Gorges at the court of King James, but after finding herself at the center of plots and conspiracies for many...

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The Uninvited

Author: Dorothy Macardle

ISBN: 9780992817077

A gothic, bone-chilling Irish ghost story first published in 1941 and now brought back into print. The title benefits from an introduction by well-known academic Professor Luke Gibbons and Martin Scorsese and various critics, including William K. Everson and Leonard Maltin, regard The Uninvited as one of the best ghost...

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The Short, the Long and the Tall: Short Stories

Author: Jeffrey Archer

ISBN: 9781250064905

New York Times number one bestselling author Jeffrey Archer is a master of the short-story form, creating classic tales beloved by his fans. Now the award-winning writer joins forces with renowned illustrator Paul Cox to re-imagine twenty of his most popular and fêted short stories alongside beautifully rendered watercolour illustrations...

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The Cowboy Way: Stories of the Old West

Author: Elmer Kelton

ISBN: 9781250768957

No one writes the old west like Seven-time Spur Award-winning author Elmer Kelton. In The Cowboy Way, Kelton captures the action, adventure, brotherhood and betrayal of the old west, chronicling the highs and lows of cowboy life in these sixteen stories, collected together for the first time.

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Author: De'nesha Diamond

ISBN: 9781496705884

Within D.C.'s ruthless halls of power, the conspiracies are killer - and the endgame is anything but fake news . . . With her name finally cleared of a murder charge, Abrianna Parker can at last marry her partner and ex-felon, Kadir Kahlifa. But disturbing dark-web information and gut feelings...

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Little Cruelties

Author: Liz Nugent

ISBN: 9781501189685

All three of the Drumm brothers were at the funeral. But only one of them was in the coffin. William, Brian, and Luke: three boys, born a year apart, trained from birth by their wily mother to compete for her attention. They play games, as brothers do ... yet even...

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Author: Colleen Hoover

ISBN: 9781542000178

When Leeds meets Layla, he's convinced he'll spend the rest of his life with her - until an unexpected attack leaves Layla fighting for her life. After weeks in the hospital, Layla recovers physically, but the emotional and mental scarring has altered the woman Leeds fell in love with. In...

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This Magnificent Dappled Sea

Author: David Biro

ISBN: 9781542019811

In a small Northern Italian village, nine-year-old Luca Taviano catches a stubborn cold and is subsequently diagnosed with leukemia. His only hope for survival is a bone marrow transplant. After an exhaustive search, a match turns up three thousand miles away in the form of a most unlikely donor: Joseph...

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Author: Victoria Chang

ISBN: 9781556595745

After her mother died, poet Victoria Chang refused to write elegies. Rather, she distilled her grief during a feverish two weeks by writing scores of poetic obituaries for all she lost in the world. In Obit, Chang writes of "the way memory gets up after someone has died and starts...

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Out of Mesopotamia

Author: Salar Abdoh

ISBN: 9781617758607

"In what should well become an essential portrait of the fight against the Islamic State, Salar Abdoh's novel reinvigorates the way we write about war...Nothing less than profound."--, staff pick"Out of Mesopotamia is a brutally realistic look at war and love and fear and everything else that humans do. The...

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The Wingman

Author: David Pepper

ISBN: 9781619848719

In The Wingman, veteran Midwestern reporter Jack Sharpe has made it big thanks to the deep-rooted voter-fraud conspiracy he uncovered in The People's House (the first of the series) . Sharpe catches a whiff that something rotten is taking place in the Democratic Presidential primary, and ultimately discovers an elaborate...

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The Swallowed Man

Author: Edward Carey

ISBN: 9781910477700

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Bluebeard's First Wife

Author: Seong-nan Ha

ISBN: 9781948830171

Disasters, accidents, and deaths abound in Bluebeard’s First Wife. A woman spends a night with her fiancé and his friends, and overhears a terrible secret that has bound them together since high school. A man grows increasingly agitated by the noise made by a young family living in the apartment upstairs...

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Poetic Justice

Author: Andrea J. Johnson

ISBN: 9781951709082

A riveting debut thriller by Andrea J. Johnson, and the first in the VICTORIA JUSTICE series. Twenty-five year old Victoria Justice has never really gotten over a near drowning at the hands of a high school bully, but has attempted to build her confidence and career as a court stenographer...

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