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You're About to Make a Terrible Mistake: How Biases Distort Decision-Making and What You Can Do to Fight Them

Author: Olivier Sibony

ISBN: 9780316494984

Discover nine common business decision-making traps -- and learn practical tools for avoiding them -- in this lively, research-based guide from a professor of strategic thinking.We all make decisions all the time. It's so natural that we hardly stop to think about it. Yet even the smartest and most experienced...

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The End of Alzheimer's Program: The First Protocol to Enhance Cognition and Reverse Decline at Any Age

Author: Dale Bredesen

ISBN: 9780525538493

The New York Times Best Selling author of The End of Alzheimer's lays out a specific plan to help everyone prevent and reverse cognitive decline or simply maximize brainpower.In The End of Alzheimer's Dale Bredesen laid out the science behind his revolutionary new program that is the first to both...

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The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Any Age You Want

Author: Mitch Anthony

ISBN: 9781119611486

Stop making a living and start making a life with The New Retirementality™ In 2000, when top financial philosopher and bestselling author Mitch Anthony first presented a new way of thinking about retirement, it was novel, and many critics didn't buy into it. Originally written to get the attention of...

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Retirement Planning For Dummies

Author: Matthew Krantz

ISBN: 9781119627579

Advice and guidance on planning for retirement Retirement Planning For Dummies is a one-stop resource to get up to speed on the critical steps needed to ensure you spend your golden years living in the lap of luxury -- or at least in the comfort of your own home. When...

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Live: Remain Alive, Be Alive at a Specified Time, Have an Exciting or Fulfilling Life

Author: Robertson, Sadie

ISBN: 9781400213061

Live, the newest book from New York Times bestselling author and popular social media presence Sadie Robertson, addresses life's weightiest matters and choices in fun, practical, and biblical ways and leads readers to engage with God's truth and light in a world that is growing more and more confusing. There's...

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Everyday Bias: Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgments in Our Daily Lives

Author: Howard J. Ross

ISBN: 9781442258655

To be human is to be biased. From this simple truth, nationally recognized diversity expert Howard J. Ross explores the biases we each carry within us. Incorporating anecdotes from today's headlines alongside case studies from over 30 years of diversity consulting, Ross helps readers understand how unconscious bias impacts our...

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Put Your Money Where Your Life Is: How to Invest Locally Using Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401

Author: Michael H. Shuman

ISBN: 9781523088904

Local investing guru Michael Shuman shows how to use two neglected investment tools to invest in Main Street, not Wall Street, and get a good return too!Americans agree on very little these days, but red state conservatives and blue state progressives can come together on one critical point: Wall Street...

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Superman's Not Coming: Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can Do About It

Author: Erin Brockovich

ISBN: 9781524746964

From environmental activist, consumer advocate, renowned crusader, champion fighter-maverick, whose courageous case against Pacific Gas and Electric was dramatized in the Oscar-winning film--a book to inspire change that looks at our present situation with water and reveals the imminent threats to our most precious, essential element, and shows us how...

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How Seniors Are Saving the World: Retirement Activism to the Rescue!

Author: Thelma Reese

ISBN: 9781538126974

Articles appear frequently about individuals whose age is noted as a feature of their activism, but the activism of seniors as a growing and influential part of the population is not found in a book. The speed of change, the expansion of the senior demographic, the growth of citizen participation...

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Income for Life: The Retiree's Guide to Creating Income From Savings

Author: Joseph DiSalvo

ISBN: 9781544503172

The most important thing you can do as a retiree, or if you are thinking about retirement, is to develop a well-educated retirement and income plan. Even with the risks of market volatility, longevity, taxes, and unforeseen costs, a correct understanding of how to develop an investment and income strategy...

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Get Your Yoga On: 30 Days to Build a Practice That Fits Your Body and Your Life

Author: Kino MacGregor

ISBN: 9781611807219

Yoga is a healthful, stress-busting, powerfully life-changing practice that is truly for everyone! You don't need to be young, flexible, or athletic to do yoga, and you don't need to spend hours on the mat. You just need to be yourself and commit to practicing at least five minutes a...

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Maximize Your Medicare: 2020-2021 Edition: Qualify for Benefits, Protect Your Health, and Minimize Your Costs

Author: Jae Oh MBA

ISBN: 9781621537540

"A must-read for both current and future retirees." - Robert Powell, Retirement Daily Includes the Most Up-to-Date Information for 2020-2021Confused by Medicare? Get answers from Maximize Your Medicare,an informative guide by nationally recognized expert Jae W. Oh. Maximize Your Medicare helps readers understand how and what to choose when deciding...

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Parenting with Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility

Author: Foster Cline

ISBN: 9781631469060

Who uses love and logic in their parenting? Parents, counselors, and teachers around the globe -- even Bill and Melinda Gates have found the philosophy of Parenting with Love and Logic an important guide when raising their three children.Learn how to reel in your own emotions while teaching your children...

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Alone Together: Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of COVID-19

Author: Jennifer Haupt

ISBN: 9781771682282

ALONE TOGETHER: Love, Grief, and Comfort During the Time of COVID-19 is a collection of essays, poems, and interviews to serve as a lifeline for negotiating how to connect and thrive during this stressful time of isolation as well as a historical perspective that will remain relevant for years to...

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And Breathe...: Daily Meditations and Mantras for Greater Calm, Balance, and Joy

Author: Rudell Beach, Sarah

ISBN: 9781782498216

This invaluable book of daily meditations and mantras will improve the wellbeing of anyone who wants to achieve a calmer, more stress-free, and joyful life. When life is so fast-paced and there are countless demands on us, it can become impossible to find time for ourselves. And Breathe... offers hundreds...

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Mayo Clinic Guide to Arthritis: Managing Joint Pain for an Active Life

Author: Lynne S. Peterson M.D.

ISBN: 9781893005556

From the doctors at Mayo Clinic, the top-ranked hospital in the U.S., this book is a complete guide to understanding and living with arthritis. Find the latest expertise on various forms of arthritis, medications and other treatment options, and self care to successfully manage joint pain and continue an active...

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Go Be Kind: 28 1/2 Adventures Guaranteed to Make You Happier

Author: Leon Logothetis

ISBN: 9781948836050

If you want to be happy, all you have to do is . . . Go Be Kind. Go Be Kind isn't just a journal or another how-to guide to getting what you want. It's a series of daily adventures that will help you rediscover the greatest human gift -...

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How Babies Sleep: The Gentle, Science-Based Method to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Author: Sofia Axelrod PhD

ISBN: 9781982112578

Discover the best baby sleep method - gentle, science-backed, and inspired by the latest Nobel Prize-winning research - that shows you how to get your baby to sleep through the night naturally.Sleep - or the lack of it - is one of the most crucial issues for new parents. Newborn...

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How to Make Your Money Last - Completely Updated for Planning: The Indispensable Retirement Guide

Author: Jane Bryant Quinn

ISBN: 9781982115838

NOW COMPLETELY UPDATED to reflect the changes in tax legislation, health insurance, and the new investment realities. In this "highly valuable resource" (Publishers Weekly, starred review) Quinn "provides simple, straightforward" (The New York Times) solutions to the universal retirement dilemma - how to make your limited savings last for life...

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