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Book Cover: Who Wet My Pants?

Who Wet My Pants?

Author: Shea, Bob

ISBN: 0316525219

In this hilarious tale of blame, compassion, and forgiveness, a very embarrassed bear is reminded that accidents can happen--but with the support of good friends, life goes on.Reuben the bear's got donuts for everyone in his scout troop, but his friends are all star

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Book Cover: Chapter Two is Missing

Chapter Two is Missing

Author: Lieb, Josh

ISBN: 1984835483

"Very few books are this entertaining to read. Even fewer are literally an active crime scene. Please help find Chapter 2. Without it, this book is nothing." -John Oliver, host of HBO's Last Week Tonight Chapter Two is Missing is a hilarious picture

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Book Cover: One Snowy Morning

One Snowy Morning

Author: Kevin Tseng

ISBN: 9780735230415

Two woodland friends spot a mysterious pile of snow decked out with funny objects which they put to use in unintended and highly original ways, proving that things are what you make of them.One morning, a squirrel and a chipmunk find the oddest things stuck in a giant pile of...

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Book Cover: The Buddy Bench

The Buddy Bench

Author: Patty Brozo

ISBN: 9780884486978

Having seen what being left out is like, children become agents of change, convincing their teacher to let them build a buddy bench.A school playground can be a solitary place for a kid without playmates; in one survey, 80 percent of 8- to 10-year-old respondents described being lonely at some...

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Book Cover: When the Snow Is Deeper Than My Boots Are Tall

When the Snow Is Deeper Than My Boots Are Tall

Author: Jean Reidy

ISBN: 9781250127129

When the Snow Is Deeper Than My Boots Are Tall is a charming rhyming picture book celebrating the fun of snow and the coziness of winter. Find a frosty window./ Watch the flakes fall./ Look! The snow is deeper than my toes are tall. With young, rhyming verse and bright...

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Book Cover: Chicken Break!: A Counting Book

Chicken Break!: A Counting Book

Author: Cate Berry

ISBN: 9781250306791

Chicken Break, a children's picture book from writer Cate Berry and illustrator Charlotte Alder, is simple fun with some wild and crazy chickens ...

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Book Cover: Listen


Author: Holly McGhee

ISBN: 9781250318121

A lyrical, inspiring picture book that promotes empathy from the creators of the New York Times bestseller Come With Me.Listen with your heart.It is your earsyour eyesyour noseyour mouthyour hands-- Author Holly M. McGhee and illustrator Pascal Lemaître ask you, me, and all of us to inspire empathy by exploring...

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Book Cover: My Singing Nana

My Singing Nana

Author: Pat Mora

ISBN: 9781433830211

"Always amigos!" My Singing Nana is a compassionate tribute to families dealing with Alzheimer's Disease. This story celebrates the ideals of family, heritage, and happy memories, showing kids that no matter how their loved one might change they always have ways to maintain their special connection.

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Book Cover: Charlie & Mouse Even Better: Book 3

Charlie & Mouse Even Better: Book 3

Author: Laurel Snyder

ISBN: 9781452170657

In this heartwarming follow-up to Laurel Snyder's awardwinning beginning chapter book Charlie & Mouse, the two brothers prepare to celebrate one very special birthday: their mom's! Follow along as they choose the best pancakes, hunt for presents, decorate with snakes, and more. Things don't go exactly as planned . ...

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Book Cover: The Hike

The Hike

Author: Alison Farrell

ISBN: 9781452174617

With lyrical language that captures the majesty of the natural world coupled with fun narrative featured throughout, this spirited picture book tells the victorious story of three girls' friendship - and their tribulations and triumphs in the great outdoors. Here is the best and worst of any hike: from picnics...

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Book Cover: If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon

If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon

Author: Joyce Lapin

ISBN: 9781454929703

If you had your birthday party on the moon, what would it be like? Blast off to an extraterrestrial celebration and find out! This cool picture book combines fun and facts to help kids learn all about outer space. Have your birthday party on the moon and everyone will come...

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Book Cover: Snack Attack!

Snack Attack!

Author: Terry Border

ISBN: 9781524740115

From the creator of the popular world of Peanut Butter & Cupcake! comes a wry and witty story in which no snack is safe from the monster that is the Kid. Perfect for fans of Creepy Carrots and A Creepy Pair of Underwear.They had been warned of the dangers that...

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Book Cover: One Dark Bird

One Dark Bird

Author: Liz Garton Scanlon

ISBN: 9781534404434

From award-winning author Liz Garton Scanlon and celebrated artist Frann Preston-Gannon comes a gorgeously illustrated, lyrical counting book that will have young readers' imaginations taking flight.One dark bird is perched up high, with a view of the town and a taste of the sky. Then she's joined by two more...

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Book Cover: Pluto Gets the Call

Pluto Gets the Call

Author: Adam Rex

ISBN: 9781534414532

Pluto gets a call from Earth telling him he isn't a planet anymore, so he sets out on a journey through the solar system to find out why in this funny and fact-filled romp that's perfect for fans of The Scrambled States of America.Pluto loves being a planet. That is...

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Book Cover: Go, Girls, Go!

Go, Girls, Go!

Author: Frances Gilbert

ISBN: 9781534424821

Come along for a rollicking ride in this picture book celebration of vehicles that puts girls in the driver's seat!Girls can race ... and girls can fly. Girls can rocket way up high! Piloting fire trucks, trains, tractors, and more, the girls in this book are on the go! Join...

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Book Cover: The Golden Acorn

The Golden Acorn

Author: Katy Hudson

ISBN: 9781684460366

Whoosh! Squirrel takes off at full speed through the autumn leaves. But pump the breaks, because this year The Golden Nut Hunt race it is a team event. Squirrel reluctantly enlists his friends and is not impressed. Will Squirrel's competitive spirit take over or will he learn how to be...

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Book Cover: Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast

Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast

Author: Sophie Gilmore

ISBN: 9781771473446

Crocodiles come from far and wide to seek Little Doctor's care. She treats each one with skill and kindness -- even the toughest crocs with thick skins and large, powerful jaws. Little Doctor marvels at these fearless beasts, listening to their stories, while she diagnoses and cures what ails them...

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Book Cover: A Place to Stay: A Shelter Story

A Place to Stay: A Shelter Story

Author: Erin Gunti

ISBN: 9781782858249

This simple, touching picture book shows readers a womens shelter through the eyes of a young girl, who with her mothers help, uses her imagination to overcome her anxiety and adjust. Includes factual endnotes detailing various reasons people experience homelessness and the resources available to help.

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Book Cover: A Fox Found a Box

A Fox Found a Box

Author: Ged Adamson

ISBN: 9781984830531

When his radio breaks, a little fox finds that the forest is filled with its own rhythm and music--drip drops and chirp chirps--in this picture book that gently introduces the concept of mindfulness.A little fox is digging for food when--OUCH! What is that?--the fox finds a box! When the fox...

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Book Cover: Bad Dog

Bad Dog

Author: Mike Boldt

ISBN: 9781984847973

The differences between cats and dogs have never been funnier! In this hilarious new picture book from the illustrator of I Don't Want to Be a Frog, a little girl really, really wants a dog... but gets a cat instead!"Look what I got for my birthday! A pet dog!" says...

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