Weekly Staff Picks

What is the library staff most excited to get home and read? We recommend these latest releases!

Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism

Author: Amanda Montell

ISBN: 9780062993151

The author of the widely praised Wordslut analyzes the social science of cult influence: how cultish groups from Jonestown and Scientology to SoulCycle and social media gurus use language as the ultimate form of power.What makes "cults" so intriguing and frightening? What makes them powerful? The reason why so many...

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Hairpin Bridge: A Novel

Author: Taylor Adams

ISBN: 9780063065444

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In the Heights: Finding Home

Author: Lin-Manuel Miranda

ISBN: 9780593229590

In 2008, In the Heights, a new musical from up-and-coming young artists, electrified Broadway. The show's vibrant mix of Latin music and hip-hop captured life in Washington Heights, the Latino neighborhood in upper Manhattan. It won four Tony Awards and became an international hit, delighting audiences around the world. For...

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The Damage: A Novel

Author: Caitlin Wahrer

ISBN: 9780593296134

Tony has always looked out for his younger brother, Nick. So when he's called to a hospital bed where Nick is lying battered and bruised after a violent sexual assault, his protective instincts flare, and a white-hot rage begins to build.As a small-town New England lawyer, Tony's wife, Julia, has...

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Widespread Panic: A novel

Author: James Ellroy

ISBN: 9780593319345

Freddy Otash is the man in the know and the man to know in 50s L.A. He operates with two simple rules--he'll do anything but commit murder, and he'll never work with the commies.Freddy is an ex-L.A. cop on the skids. He snuffed a cop killer in cold blood--and it...

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Untitled Alex Michaelides Novel Winter 2021

Author: Alex Michaelides

ISBN: 9781250304452

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She Memes Well: Essays

Author: Quinta Brunson

ISBN: 9781328638984

Quinta Brunson is a master at breaking the internet. Before having any traditional background in media, her humorous videos were the first to go viral on Instagram's platform. From there, Brunson's wryly observant POV helped cement her status in the comedy world at large, with roles on HBO, Netflix, ABC...

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Brainscapes: The Warped, Wondrous Maps Written in Your Brain―And How They Guide You

Author: Rebecca Schwarzlose

ISBN: 9781328949967

Your brain is a collection of maps. That is no metaphor: scrawled across your brain's surfaces are actual maps of the sights, sounds, and actions that hold the key to your survival. Scientists first began uncovering these maps over a century ago, but we are only now beginning to unlock...

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Morningside Heights: A Novel

Author: Joshua Henkin

ISBN: 9781524748357

A tender, powerful, and big-hearted novel about love in the face of loss, from the award-winning author of The World Without You and Matrimony When Ohio-born Pru Steiner arrives in New York in 1976 after graduating from Yale, she follows in a long tradition of young people determined to take...

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A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars

Author: Hakeem Oluseyi

ISBN: 9781984819093

Born into extreme poverty and emotional deprivation, James Edward Plummer was blessed with a genius I.Q. and a love of science. But in his community, a young bookworm quickly becomes a target for violence and abuse. As he struggles to survive his childhood in some of the toughest cities in...

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