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The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

Author: Garth Nix

ISBN: 9780062683250

In a slightly alternate London in 1983, Susan Arkshaw is looking for her father, a man she has never met. Crime boss Frank Thringley might be able to help her, but Susan doesn’t get time to ask Frank any questions before he is turned to dust by the prick of...

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How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories

Author: Holly Black

ISBN: 9780316540889

Before he was a cruel prince or a wicked king, he was a faerie child with a heart of stone. #1 New York Times bestselling author, Holly Black reveals a deeper look into the dramatic life of Elfhame's enigmatic high king, Cardan. This tale includes delicious details of life before...

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The Ravens

Author: Kass Morgan

ISBN: 9780358098232

At first glance, the sisters of ultra-exclusive Kappa Rho Nu - the Ravens - seem like typical sorority girls. Ambitious, beautiful, and smart, they're the most powerful girls on Westerly College's Savannah, Georgia, campus. But the Ravens aren't just regular sorority girls. They're witches. Scarlett Winter has always known she's...

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Every Body Looking

Author: Candice Iloh

ISBN: 9780525556206

"Candice Iloh's beautifully crafted narrative about family, belonging, sexuality, and telling our deepest truths in order to be whole is at once immensely readable and ultimately healing." - Jacqueline Woodson, New York Times Bestselling Author of Brown Girl Dreaming"An essential - and emotionally gripping and masterfully written and compulsively readable...

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The Camelot Betrayal

Author: Kiersten White

ISBN: 9780525581710

The second book in a new fantasy trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White, exploring the nature of self, the inevitable cost of progress, and, of course, magic and romance and betrayal so epic Queen Guinevere remains the most famous queen who never lived.EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD...

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Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf

Author: Hayley Krischer

ISBN: 9780593114117

Ali Greenleaf and Blythe Jensen couldn't be more different. Ali is sweet, bitingly funny, and just a little naive. Blythe is beautiful, terrifying, and the most popular girl in school. They've never even talked to each other, until a party when Ali decides she'll finally make her move on Sean...

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Author: Marie Lu

ISBN: 9781250221681

In Skyhunter, a novel laced with adrenaline and filled with nonstop action, #1 New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu creates an immersive world broken by war where the only hope against overwhelming evil lies with a team of young warriors willing to sacrifice everything to save what they love.The...

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Come On In: 15 Stories about Immigration and Finding Home

Author: Adi Alsaid

ISBN: 9781335146496

This exceptional and powerful anthology explores the joys, heartbreaks and triumphs of immigration, with stories by critically acclaimed and bestselling YA authors who are shaped by the journeys they and their families have taken from home - and to find home.WELCOMEFrom some of the most exciting bestselling and up-and-coming YA...

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Here the Whole Time

Author: Vitor Martins

ISBN: 9781338620825

What would you do if you had to spend the next 15 days with your lifelong crush?Felipe gets it -- he's fat. Not chubby. Not big-boned. Fat. And he doesn't need anyone to remind him, which is, of course, what everyone does. That's why he's been waiting for this moment...

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Swamp Thing: Twin Branches

Author: Maggie Stiefvater

ISBN: 9781401293239

#1 New York Times bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater (the Raven Cycle series) and artist Morgan Beem unearth the primal power of memory and how it twists the bond between two brothers.Twins Alec and Walker Holland have a reputation around town. One is quiet and the other is the life of...

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Victor and Nora: A Gotham Love Story

Author: Lauren Myracle

ISBN: 9781401296391

Seventeen-year-old Victor Fries has a cold heart. After his brother died in a tragic house fire for which Victor feels responsible, his parents have isolated themselves, and Victor has dedicated his whole life to one thing: science.Nora Faria is full of life. She is suffering from an incurable illness that...

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Daughters of Jubilation

Author: Kara Lee Corthron

ISBN: 9781481459501

In the Jim Crow South, white supremacy reigns and tensions are high. But Evalene Deschamps has other things to worry about. She has two little sisters to look after, an overworked single mother, and a longtime crush who is finally making a move. On top of all that, Evvie's magic...

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Long Way Down: The Graphic Novel

Author: Jason Reynolds

ISBN: 9781534444959

Jason Reynolds's Newbery Honor and Coretta Scott King Honor-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling novel Long Way Down is now a gripping, galvanizing graphic novel, with haunting artwork by Danica Novgorodoff.Will's older brother, Shawn, has been shot. Dead. Will feels a sadness so great, he can't explain it. But in...

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These Violent Delights

Author: Chloe Gong

ISBN: 9781534457690

The year is 1926, and Shanghai hums to the tune of debauchery. A blood feud between two gangs runs the streets red, leaving the city helpless in the grip of chaos. At the heart of it all is eighteen-year-old Juliette Cai, a former flapper who has returned to assume her...

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Super Fake Love Song

Author: David Yoon

ISBN: 9781984812230

When Sunny Dae--self-proclaimed total nerd--meets Cirrus Soh, he can't believe how cool and confident she is. So when Cirrus mistakes Sunny's older brother Gray's bedroom--with its electric guitars and rock posters--for Sunny's own, he sort of, kind of, accidentally winds up telling her he's the front man of a rock...

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Dear Justyce

Author: Nic Stone

ISBN: 9781984829665

The stunning sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller Dear Martin. Incarcerated teen Quan writes letters to Justyce about his experiences in the American juvenile justice system. Perfect for fans of Jason Reynolds and Angie Thomas.In the highly anticipated sequel to her New York Times bestseller, Nic Stone delivers...

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