New Urban Fiction

A Cold Love From A Thug

Author: Shontaiye Moore

ISBN: 9780986321269

Play with fire, you get burned. Play with emotions, you get buried. One phone call was all it took to dismantle a relationship that Serenity Smith had spent the last seven years building with her fiancé Yosohn Thomas. One phone call that confirmed everything she'd known for years: that he...

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Butterfly 3

Author: Ashley Antoinette

ISBN: 9781250136404

The hardest thing Morgan Atkins has ever done is let go of love. After losing Messiah, she never thought she'd find someone who understood her again. Until she reunited with Ahmeek Harris and their friendship quickly transformed into something deeper, but there was one problem... she was engaged to...

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Girls from da Hood 14

Author: Treasure Hernandez

ISBN: 9781645561170

All the Way In by Treasure HernandezBorn into the struggle, Sonya Mills and Melody "Ham" Tatum are far from living the good life. They're missing meals, have no clean clothes to put on their backs, and are forced to sleep in abandoned houses. There are zero possibilities in sight for...

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Vexed 2: Twisted Faith

Author: Honey

ISBN: 9781645561217

Jay has come face to face with the demons from her past, and her health is on the decline. Lonely, sick, and depressed, she reaches out to an unlikely source for help. Jay finds guidance and compassion in Pastor Gavin Monroe, the prison chaplain and counselor. He teaches her about...

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Ghost of the Murder Mamas

Author: Dream Collins

ISBN: 9781645561392

After her world is brutally destroyed, she feels she has nothing left to hold on to but the fading dream of escaping the ghetto. Young, beautiful, and naïve, she is drawn into the world of sex and money, working at a hole-in-the-wall strip club in South Philly. One bad decision...

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Author: Raneissa Baker

ISBN: 9781947340596

After surviving almost seven hard years of federal prison, Ray "Assa" Jones returned to his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his mind on trading his past life of illegal hustling for a new legal one that wouldn't take him away from his family again.Ray soon finds out that things are...

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W.I.F.E PT 2

Author: Raneissa Baker

ISBN: 9781947340626

With Ray and Donna back living together, Ray having custody of his daughter Pooh, and a steady stream of income from his multiple businesses, things seem to be looking up for the Jones family. Ray's even just two flips away from getting out of the game for good. But old...

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Truce 2: The War of The Lou's

Author: T. Styles

ISBN: 9781948373357

Be careful what you wish for never rang truer ... After years of plotting, Mason Louisville finally has what he always wanted. Upon selling Blaire Petit into believing that she was his wife post her brain injury, he expects things to be smooth. But the more Blaire becomes accustomed to...

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Son of a Dope Fiend 2

Author: Renta

ISBN: 9781952936401

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A Dope Boy's Queen 2

Author: Aryanna

ISBN: 9781952936449

Every war has casualties, but some come with a heavier price than others. In order for CLAUDETTE to rebound and remain worthy of the title A DOPE BOY'S QUEEN, she has to master life while wisely, dealing in the ugly business of death.With ZION and TONY gone, which of her...

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The Streets Will Never Close

Author: K'ajji

ISBN: 9781952936494

Growing up under the tutelage of her brothers, TASHA is introduced to the game and its deadly, deceitful dichotomy. As leader of the PYT clique, she teaches her female comrades how to get money and respect through the power of their guns.Twins, MOOZEERE and DOMAIN are on a mission to...

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