New Urban Fiction

The Purple Don

Author: SOLOMON.

ISBN: 9780998767413

Joey Diamonds is on the verge of being a "Made" man, with ice cold blue eyes that pierce through the hearts of women...and men. After being disowned by his mafia family, osing the love of his life, and realizing the world at large is his enemy, Joey throws extreme caution...

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Money Devils 1: A Cartel Novel

Author: Ashley and JaQuavis

ISBN: 9781250197672

The saga of love, loyalty, and crime continues in the next explosive book in the Cartel series from the minds of New York Times bestselling authors Ashley & JaQuavis.In the city of Miami, one family's legacy reigns supreme. C.J. has spent his life resisting the life of crime that made...

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The Game Never Ends

Author: Zaire Crown

ISBN: 9781496725219

By leveraging savvy and basic instincts, Tuesday Knight rose up from running an elite gentleman's club to becoming the mega-wealthy Beverly Hills wife and business partner of reformed drug kingpin Marcus King. Along with their respectable, law-abiding new life came new names, and a new family. But now the...

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The Coldest Love She's Ever Known

Author: Leo Sullivan

ISBN: 9781496726124

Urban lit superstar and eBook bestseller Leo Sullivan debuts in print on the Dafina list with this urban love story of crime and betrayal.Sunday Kennedy has never had an easy life, but nothing has troubled her like the love she has for two men. Malik "King" Shields is the first...

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Dirty Music

Author: Shaun Sinclair

ISBN: 9781496728654

The Crescent Crew's success is about to become legendary. Between unprecedented business maneuvers and brilliant street-based strategy, their former founder, Qwess, is on the verge of creating the biggest independent label in music. But when Qwess' hottest superstar makes a reckless play for the Queen of R&B, it ignites...

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Married to the Shooter

Author: Ms. Michel Moore

ISBN: 9781645560692

Welcome to Kapri James-White's world. Walk the streets of Detroit with her, and learn what it truly means to be Married to the Shooter!Kapri James wasn't born into the struggle of the game, but she craves it. Despite pleas from her mother, the upper-middle-class teen is addicted to "slumming" and...

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The Nightmare on Trap Street

Author: C. N. Phillips

ISBN: 9781645560739

Sometimes death births new life, and that is fact for sisters Rhonnie and Ahli Malone. After facing the wrath of Madame, the young women take on the job of being security detail for none other than Sadie Thomas, the head of The Last Kings. With a new drug, Vita E...

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Finessed a Dope Boy's Heart

Author: Racquel Williams

ISBN: 9781645560753

Mika works in law enforcement and is married to one of the most distinguished detectives on the police force. While everything looks good on the outside, Mika's home life is aything but normal.With a controlling, two-timing husband, she buries herself into her career. She soon crosses paths with Jakeel, an...

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The Queen's Diamond

Author: Niyah Moore

ISBN: 9781645560791

When her best friend gives her the opportunity to make fast money at Miami's Queen of Diamonds gentlemen's club, Desirae dives head first into the business and meets a handsome, hoodrich, up and coming rap label CEO by the name of Luxury. Their attraction to one another is undeniable, but...

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Street Banditz

Author: CJ Hudson

ISBN: 9781645560814

Michael "Red" Roberts and "Bulletproof" Bobby Walker form a deadly combinationmaking money and holding down their territory. But when Bobby meets a girl that captures his heart, it causes a rift between him and his cousin. It all comes to a head when Bobby has to make a choice between...

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Never Again, No More 2: Getting Back to Me

Author: Untamed

ISBN: 9781645560906

As Lucinda, LaMeka, Charice, and Trinity struggle to turn their lives around, they each hit a crossroads. Despite their surmounting troubles, they still hope for a better life. But what will they sacrifice for a chance at a life they've always dreamed of? And at what costs? It won't be...

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Idlewild: Carl Weber Presents

Author: Treasure Hernandez

ISBN: 9781645560944

When Desiree Johnson receives an unexpected call from her brother, Ernest, Jr., about their father, she and her sixteen-year-old son, Tyree, pack up and rush to her family's summer home in Idlewild. Desiree hasn't been to Michigan in over seventeen years, but when her family calls, she feels she has...

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Hardhearted: It's Better to Be Feared than Loved: Beating the Odds 2

Author: Sherrod Tunstall

ISBN: 9781645561071

Now they're on a new adventure in San Jose, Costa Rica, where they are taking orders from a much deadlier and beautiful nightmare, King Kia Costello. At first things in Costa Rica are pleasurable, until blood is shed, friend turns against friend, and jealousy comes into play when Swag catches...

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The Hundreds

Author: Terence Richardson

ISBN: 9781708733384

THE HUNDREDS is a gritty, raw street tale about the evolvement of the outlaw culture of a criminal province and sovereignty known as the Hundreds, where the Conservative Vice Lords rule with a iron fist under the leadership of Chief Timbo, a devout ranking member of the Lords who implements...

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She Said It's Your Child 2

Author: Sherene Holly Cain

ISBN: 9781893196582

How far would you go to have your heart's desires? What if the true love you wanted came with a price? How much would you pay?Darica's world is turned upside down as she becomes aware that her desires, her husband's selfishness, and her lover's past have created a perfect storm...

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War 7: Pink Cotton

Author: T. Styles

ISBN: 9781948373128

After suffering a massive headache, Banks undergoes surgery to remove the tumor threatening to take his life. Leaving his family to deal with the many enemies surrounding the Wales and Louisville's, alone. Suddenly the war that plagued the two clans for decades appears irrelevant. As more sinister plans work hard...

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Long Live The Cartel

Author: Ashley JaQuavis

ISBN: 9798670717946

In the world of the Cartel, there are many pitfalls and family curses. In the city of Miami, the good die young and the bad live forever. The first family of Miami, The Diamonds, are back and more ruthless than ever. When the family has to deal with the sins...

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