New Urban Fiction

Book Cover: In Love with My Enemy

In Love with My Enemy

Author: A'zayler

ISBN: 9781496718082

Don't count on forever . . .Beautiful and educated, with just enough Atlanta street smarts to give her a sexy edge, hood princess Danna Mendoza has a dream life. Her temporary bodyguard-turned-undercover lover Don makes it complete. As her father's best friend and longtime drug partner, Don's devoted to keeping...

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Book Cover: Gangsta's Paradise

Gangsta's Paradise

Author: LaToya Nicole

ISBN: 9781546755265

In the No Way Out Series you fell in love with Suave and Tank and wanted to know how did Kendyl "Gangsta" Jamison become so cold. So I bring you Gangsta's Paradise. A tale of murder, sex, lies, and deceit. Murder has always come easy to Gangsta and it never...

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Book Cover: Gangsta's Paradise 2: How Deep is Your Love

Gangsta's Paradise 2: How Deep is Your Love

Author: LaToya Nicole

ISBN: 9781547057245

In part 2 of the spin off from the no way out series the Jamison brothers are fighting to stay on top. A retired Kingpin and the most sought out contracted killer comes together to take down their enemies all while dealing with drama and betrayal from the women in...

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Book Cover: Wrath


Author: K'wan

ISBN: 9781601621320

In the history of New York City's underworld, there have been a host of criminal figures whose exploits have gone on to inspire. Their stories are told on street corners and in back alleys. One of them is Jonas Rafferty, known among friends and enemies alike as Wrath. Jonas, the...

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Book Cover: Eraserheads 2: The Decision

Eraserheads 2: The Decision

Author: Brick

ISBN: 9781622861170

In Brick & Storm's Hood Misfits series, the motto is ENGA: Every nigga got an agenda, and in this tale, things are no different. Everyone has a secret.There were two things of which Auto, leader of the elusive Eraserheads, was certain: Code, his partner and best friend, had betrayed him...

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Book Cover: The Wright Kind of Love: Toby and Niecey

The Wright Kind of Love: Toby and Niecey

Author: Genesis Woods

ISBN: 9781622861996

Tobias Wright has always gotten everything he's wanted, including Niecey, the love of his life. A chance meeting at one of the lounge bars that he owns was all it took for him to fall head over heels in love with her. Fast forward two years later, Toby and Niecey...

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