New Urban Fiction

His Rebound Bitch part 2

Author: Kiki Swinson

ISBN: 9780986203787

In part 2 of His Rebound Bitch, Kim Weeks, the scorned ex-wife of club owner Mr. Weeks is back on her killing spree. With four kills under her belt, she's made more room to kill the rest of the women that traumatized her during her marriage. Unfortunately, things will be...

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She was a Friend of Mine

Author: Jasheem Wilson

ISBN: 9781508692195

In part one of the She was a Friend of Mine series, meet Scheyenne Henrietta Iverson, who grew up in East Palo Alto, California, where her mother kept the harsh realities of the world from her. At the age of twelve, the sheltered walls her mother worked so hard to...

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Torn Between a Goon and a Gangsta

Author: Jade Jones

ISBN: 9781530338825

Take a look inside the lives of three close friends. Dre and Hassan have been robbing convenience stores and small banks together since high school, but they share something else in common other than making cold, hard cash...their love for Nikki. The stakes are high after the trio takes on...

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The Double Cross

Author: Anna J.

ISBN: 9781645560111

Anna J is back with her tenth novel, and she's coming out the door blazing hot! Get ready for the ride of your life. Two is company, but three is definitely a crowd, especially when we all want the same man. Who does a man love more: the woman he...

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Young Lionz

Author: CJ Hudson

ISBN: 9781645560128

Ghetto girls birth 'em. Hood rats love 'em. Society fears 'em. Police target 'em. And the penitentiary welcomes 'em. From the coochie to the casket, this troublemaking band of misfits wreaks havoc on the community. They are loyal to no one but themselves and not even death can scare them...

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Loving a Borrego Brother 2

Author: Sherri, Johnni

ISBN: 9781645560449

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Behind Closed Doors

Author: Kiki Swinson

ISBN: 9781733919029

Evelyn Epstein married a very wealthy man who's devotion was to his mistress. But Evelyn has a trick up her sleeve and FBI will get involved unbeknownst to her husband.

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