Spending Smarter

Our Spending Smarter initiative is a one stop shop for your financial fitness needs. We're proud to say that this webpage received the 2018 ALA- RUSA Award for Excellence in Reference and Adult Library Services!


The following are excellent online resources for checking, learning about and improving your credit score:

Annual Credit Report
Your Credit History
Building a Better Credit Report
Sample Letter for Disputing Credit
FTC FAQs on Credit Reports
Credit Karma
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

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While we can't offer financial advice directly, our Business Technology Department (419.259.5209) can connect you with books, resources and online materials, and can refer you to a number of community resources:

Adelante Latino Resource Center (419.244.8440)
Help with financial literacy, savings and home ownership topics

City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods (419.245.1400)
Help with home ownership and related topics

East Toledo Family Center (419.691.1429)

NeighborWorks: Toledo Region (419.776.2103)
Help with home ownership and related topics

OSU Extension, Lucas County (419.213.4254)
Information on budgeting and household management

Pathway (419.242.7304)
Financial education classes for low income Lucas County residents

ProMedica Financial Opportunity Center (567.585.0059)
Also offers tax preparation services through the Ohio Benefit Bank.

United Way of Northwest Ohio Income Services (211 or 1.800.650.HELP)
Emergency financial services, financial coaching and education

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Research Tools

Broker Check by FINRA

Broker Check can tell you if a broker or brokerage firm is registered, what has been disclosed to regulators, the broker's experience, and what a broker or brokerage firm is able to do.

Third-Party Provider: FINRA

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Fund Analyzer by FINRA

Features information and analysis on over 18,000 mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs). Estimates the value of the funds and allows users to compare up to three funds. Note: users must accept the terms of use to use the tool.

Third-Party Provider: FINRA

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Investment Education

Provides the knowledge, skills and tools needed for financial success created by the FINRA Foundation, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Third-Party Provider: FINRA

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Find a stock or a fund to meet your needs, research current or prospective holdings, or see how your investments fit together.

Third-Party Provider: Morningstar

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Weiss Financial Ratings

Provides accurate, independent information for informing decisions about finances, including insurance, Medicare, banking and investment options. Find the safest bank or credit union, make side by side comparisons of insurance companies, and pick the best Medicare supplement insurance plan, and find helpful tools to manage personal finances.

Third-Party Provider: Grey House Publishing

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