The Library Legacy Foundation of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library (TLCPL) exists to support and promote the goals of the Library, with a major emphasis on programming and services that promote literacy, education, collection development, enhanced cultural and recreational opportunities, and an endowment for future stability. 

Every time you give to the Library Legacy Foundation of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, you make things happen.

  • Access to information: Your Library provides access to a wide range of information, including books, periodicals, newspapers, and digital resources. 
  • Promotion of literacy: Your Library serves as an educational hub that supports learning at all levels, from early childhood to adulthood.
  • Cultural preservation: Your Library contributes to the preservation of our community’s cultural heritage and provides a space for people to explore and appreciate their history by housing historical documents and other cultural artifacts.
  • Community hub: Your Library serves as a community hub where people can gather, engage in discussions, receive resources from valued community partners, and participate in various programs and events. Your Library fosters a sense of community and social connection.
  • Technology access: Your Library offers access to computers, the internet, and other technological resources. This is particularly important for individuals who may not have such resources at home, helping bridge the digital divide.
  • Support for education: Your Library supports formal education by providing resources for students, educators, and researchers. 
  • Personal development: Your Library contributes to personal development by offering a wide array of materials for self-improvement, hobbies, and leisure reading; providing opportunities for lifelong learning and engagement.
  • Free access to books and other resources: Your Library provides free access to a vast collection of books (including audiobooks, books to be read on phones or tablets, and home delivery) and other resources. 
  • Intellectual freedom: Your Library upholds the principles of intellectual freedom, providing a space where individuals can explore diverse ideas and perspectives without censorship. This fosters a democratic society where the free exchange of information is valued.
Frank D. Jacobs
Frank D. JacobsPresident
Olivia Summons
Olivia SummonsVice President
Kathy Selking
Kathy SelkingSecretary | Treasurer
Dr. Calvin Burney, Jr.
Dr. Calvin Burney, Jr.Board Member
Susan Conda
Susan CondaBoard Member
Steven Decker
Steven DeckerBoard Member
Susan Denny
Susan DennyBoard Member
Louise Ehrick
Louise EhrickBoard Member
Paula Fall
Paula FallBoard Member
John Hull
John HullBoard Member
James J. Jaros
James J. JarosBoard Member
Adele M. Jasion
Adele M. JasionBoard Member
Dr. Patrick McCormick
Dr. Patrick McCormickBoard Member
Yolanda Danyi Szuch
Yolanda Danyi SzuchBoard Member

Kathy Selking
Director of Development, Affinity and Events

Jenny Barlos
Manager of Development, Affinity, and Events

Brandy Cranon-Wyatt
Administrative Assistant

EIN number: 34-1632308
How do I make a gift?
Call us at 419.259.5196.
Mail a check (made out to the “Library Legacy Foundation”) to:
Library Legacy Foundation
325 Michigan Street
Toledo, OH 43604
How do I make a gift in someone’s name?
We appreciate you thinking of the Library for your memorial gift and offer three ways to give a gift in tribute to someone in your life.
  • Make an unrestricted gift
    Honor someone special in your life with an unrestricted gift in their honor. Give now
  • Donor plaque or recognition screen (varies based on branch)
    The Library will engrave a name or small message on a brass plaque (approximately 2-3” width) available at most branches or add a message to a Donor Recognition Screen (approximately 40” monitors) at Sylvania or Mott branches. Give now
  • Name a book
    The Library will place a label on the inside of a book’s cover, honoring the person of your choosing. Select a subject area and we’ll select the book to honor your loved one. You and the person/family will receive notification of the gift. Name a book now