Local History and Genealogy

Local history contains a wealth of details and stories that help reveal how societal changes impacted the lives of ordinary people. It can be seen as a microcosm or representation of large patterns on a small scale. History writ large can tell you about events like the Great Depression, while local history can show the impact of this crisis on individuals in our own community. Learning about local history turns the grand patterns of historical change into concrete stories about the lives of individuals.

Within the Library‚Äôs Local History and Genealogy Department, books and artifacts form the cornerstone of understanding Toledo and Lucas County’s identity today. This collection includes extensive archives of newspapers, yearbooks, family histories, maps, county records, obituaries, and various artifacts. Visitors can delve into their genealogy, unravel the history of their houses, and explore accounts of the labor movement, all contributing to a richer understanding of the community’s past.

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