15 Books to Read After Watching Our Flag Means Death

Posted on May 13, 2022

by Kelsi R

Very loosely based on the real life of Stede Bonnet, a wealthy aristocrat who leaves his cushy life behind to live his dream of becoming a pirate, David Jenkins’ Our Flag Means Death is quickly amassing a dedicated following. The shows unique combination of earnestness, comedy, romance, and violence, as well as its refreshingly respectful treatment of queer characters, has viewers in love and desperate for more.

That’s where TLCPL comes in. No matter what aspect of the show you like best, our collection has a book to fill the void OFMD left behind.

If you liked…the pirates:

And who doesn’t? Pirate stories are always packed with sea faring, adventure, and sword fights – these books are no exception.

If you liked…the Ragtag Crew:

A great cast of characters is crucial in any book, but a ragtag, misfit, found family cast of characters? A league of its own.

If you liked…the humor:

These picks match the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, snarky, witty, sometimes silly sense of humor that makes OFMD so watchable.

If you liked…the romance:

Sweet confessions and a good dose of yearning? These books have it.

If you liked…whatever Izzy Hands and Blackbeard had going on:

It’s an unusual character dynamic but these books are proof that it’s a popular one.

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