Best Books for Preschool and Kindergarten

Posted on April 27, 2021

by Joyce S

Is your preschool or kindergarten-aged child looking for something new to read? Check out this curated list of best books for your little one to enjoy!

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Cover of Brown Baby Lullaby

Brown Baby Lullaby
By Tameka Fryer Brown

A story about two loving parents caring for their beautiful baby, going outside to play, having dinner and a bath. Lastly, the baby snuggles warmly in bed! A great bedtime story for all babies!

Cover of Rain Before Rainbows

Rain Before Rainbows
By Smriti Prasadam-Halls


A beautiful book about a girl and her fox companion. They travel together through a sorrowful past filled with challenging times. Eventually they trudge towards a place of color and light with friends to guide and support them. This is a heartfelt story about courage, change, and moving on.

Cover of Daddy Daughter Day

Daddy Daughter Day
By Jeff Bridges


A girl announces to her father that it is “Daddy Daughter Day,” which sets them off on a series of adventures! This is a gentle reminder of the importance of father-daughter relationships.

Cover of Can Bears Ski?

Can Bears Ski?
By Raymond Antrobus


Little Bear feels the world around him. He feels the floor shake when someone stomps to get his attention – but something is missing. One day, Dad Bear takes him to see an audiologist, and they learn that Little Bear has been experiencing deafness. With the love and support of Dad Bear, Little Bear finds his way around his new world.

Cover of Gustavo, the Shy Ghost

Gustavo, the Shy Ghost
By Flavia Z. Drago

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A shy ghost, who loves playing the violin, tries to befriend monsters who cannot see him! A holiday called the Day of the Dead inspires him to share something he loves with everyone.

Cover of Evelyn Del Ray Is Moving Away

Evelyn Del Ray Is Moving Away
By Meg Medina

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Daniela is sad that her friend Evelyn is moving away. However, Evelyn promises her their friendship will always be special.

Cover of Ella’s Night Lights

Ella’s Night Lights
By Lucy Fleming

A girl with mothlike wings collects glowing objects in the night to share with others who need them most. A story about kindness, gratitude, and friendship.

Cover of Dinosaur Kisses

Dinosaur Kisses
By David Ezra Stein

Board Book   |   Wonderbook   |   eAudiobook   |   hoopla

There is a new dinosaur in town! This stompy, chompy dinosaur enjoys giving great big kisses to those he loves.

Cover of Just Like Mama

Just Like Mama
By Alice Faye Duncan


A Mother’s Day tribute filled with rhymes, cooking projects, tea parties, and gardening activities– all traditional pastimes shared by moms and daughters.

Cover of It’s Okay to Be a Unicorn!

It’s Okay to Be a Unicorn!
By Jason Tharp

Cornelius J. Sparklesteed is known among all the other horses in Hoofington for his beautiful and creative handmade hats. Cornelius is hiding a secret: he’s actually a unicorn!

Cover of Boxitects

By Kim Smith


Meg goes to Maker School to hone her talent for building with boxes. Will a new boxitect cause her to fail in the annual Maker Match?

Cover of Black Is a Rainbow Color

Black Is a Rainbow Color
By Angela Joy


A child reflects on the meaning of being Black in this anthem about a people, a culture, a history, and a legacy that lives on. This book is filled with historical and cultural notes, songs, and poems.

Cover of Too Many Carrots

Too Many Carrots
By Katy Hudson

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Rabbit has lots of carrots. When he moves in with friends, he decides the best thing to do is share them!

Cover of The Serious Goose

The Serious Goose
By Jimmy Kimmel


Are you are funny enough to make the not-at-all silly goose laugh? Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s nickname for his own children, this book reminds us to be silly in a serious way. Guaranteed gaggles of giggles!

Cover of The Big Umbrella

The Big Umbrella
By Amy June Bates

A spacious umbrella welcomes everyone who needs to be sheltered from the rain.

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