Get Personalized Reading Recommendations

Posted on May 7, 2020

by Heather H

In a December 2019 article, Vulture claimed the “next big trend” in viewing or reading services is using – not robots or electronic algorithms – but human beings to provide recommendations to customers.

The industry calls it human curation, but at the Toledo Library, we call it business as usual, because that’s what we’ve always been about…Our staff listening to what you enjoy, and helping you discover more of it.

Let me tell you about an amazing service that the Library provides – We call it Book Picks and the name basically says it all!

What It Is and How It Works

You tell us what you’ve enjoyed reading, watching or listening to, and our librarians will send personalized recommendations just for you. No algorithms, cookies or data mining – just real experts in your community sharing their love of great books, music and movies with you.

Books picked just for you. By real librarians. Never by robots!

To date, we have received nearly 700 requests – and we want you to keep them coming. Here are some of the requests we see most often, but don’t let that limit you – and don’t forget that our librarians are very happy to recommend children’s titles as well!

What Happens Once You Complete the Form?

You should receive your “picks” via the email address you used on the form within several days. If our librarians happen to send you recommendations you’ve already read or seen, they’re happy to send more. Just respond to the librarian who suggested the list.

Ok, I’m Convinced – I Want Some Book Picks!

Sound like a service that would be beneficial to you or your children? Are you ready to receive expertly selected materials that will (hopefully) suite your tastes perfectly? Complete the Book Picks form and we’ll be in touch.

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