Get Ready to Grow, Lucas County!

Posted on April 4, 2023

by Joyce S

As you continue to keep warm, think positively about what is around the corner! It’s that time of year again when sunshine and warm weather means sowing and harvesting those hard-earned fruits, vegetables, and flowers!

Look no further for inspiration from these great books at TLCPL:

Plants You Can’t Kill

By Stacy Tornio

Print   |   hoopla

The one gardening basics book for every newbie with over 100 easy-to-grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees, shrubs, and houseplants.

How Not To Kill Your Houseplant

By Veronica Peerless

Print   |   SpanisheBook

This is the book for those that can’t keep a houseplant alive no matter how hard they try. Give your plants another chance (and use this book as a guide) … at least with the 50 types of plants mentioned here. This is definitely a book that I’m going to keep in my toolkit this year.

What Is My Plant Telling me?

By Emily Hinsdale


For new and experienced plant parents. This is a great illustrated handbook to get to know what your plants are telling you to keep them from dying (the book’s words, not mine).

How to House-Plant

By Heather Rodino

Print   |   eBook

Heather Rodino’s accessible advice, tips, and lists will give novice gardeners the confidence they need to build and nurture their own plant collection! Give your house planting life a go with this book.

Succulents and All Things Under Glass

By Isabelle Palmer


If all else fails, have a few succulents and cacti. Transform your home with these great ideas. They’re beautiful. They’re stylish. Trendy and hard to kill. You’re welcome.

Gorilla Gardener

By John & Jana


Another household favorite is about a gorilla gardener who secretly drops seeds throughout the city to create a green, natural environment for everyone to enjoy.

Planting a Rainbow

By Lois Ehlert

Print   |   eAudiobook  |  hoopla eBook  |  hoopla eAudiobook  |  hoopla Video

I don’t know about you, but my kids love anything by Lois Ehlert (which is why you’ll see their books on my lists often). If you haven’t read this one—it’s about a mother and child planting a rainbow of flowers in their family garden.

Rooftop Garden

By Danna Smith

Print   |   hoopla

This colorful book is about a group of city friends that come together to diligently grow herbs and vegetables in a rooftop garden. What’s more, it’s in rhyme so your kiddos will sing enthusiastically to the stages of plant growth!

Rocks, Dirt, Worms & Weeds

By Jeff Hutton

Print   |   eBook hoopla

This is a practical book for you and your kiddos on how to grow your own food and favorite flowers, attract butterflies, create crafts, and much more!

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

By Kate Messner

Print   |   eBook  |  hoopla

A fun book that shows kiddos what’s up in the garden and what’s down below in the dirt—from earthworms digging, snakes hunting, and skunks burrowing to a world of green grass, flowers, vegetables, and fruit.

Eating the Alphabet

By Lois Ehlert

Print   |   eBook

My kids’ favorite book until… forever. This is an alphabet tour of the world of fruits and vegetables. Honestly, my kids and I practically sing this book. Until we get to the funny-named vegetables. Who knew that rutabaga would be so hilarious?

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