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Posted on November 14, 2018

by Amy H

Are you crafty? From mason jars to wood crafts to upcycling projects – have fun and design unique gifts in the process.

Handicrafts for Upcycling or Repurposing Everyday Items

Mason Jar Nation : The Jars that Changed America and 50 Clever Ways to Use Them by Joann Moser

Mason jar nation : the jars that changed America and 50 clever ways to use them today by JoAnn Moser

Learn how to make more than 50 Mason jar projects, including luminaries, planters, and upcycled art, in this eagerly anticipated book for DIYers!

“Mason Jar Nation” begins by exploring the Mason jar’s impact on America since its 1858 patent. Prior to the jar’s invention, settlers had no reliable and safe way to store food for the winter, which required them to travel great lengths in difficult conditions and obtain expensive canned goods in order to survive. With its hermetically sealable two-piece lid and thick glass sides, the Mason jar changed the way mid-nineteenth century Americans fed their families.

Although the popularity of the jars ebbed significantly from the 1950s until the turn of the century, interest in them has exploded in the past few years. Ball, the biggest brand name in Mason jars today, has seen its sales double since 2001. Younger generations, including Millenials, have adopted the iconic jars as emblems of a more sustainable time. The humble Mason jar has been “discovered” as a versatile and beautiful material for creating craft items such as chandeliers, luminaries, planters, containers, and upcycled art.

The second half of “Mason Jar Nation” features over 50 of these adaptations, shown with clear photography, all designed and photographed by author JoAnn Moser, the “DIY Maven.” Readers who appreciate American cultural history, making fun and affordable crafts, and Mason jars themselves will love this book and its tall, narrow shape that’s based on the proportions of the classic Mason jar.

Junk Genius: Stylish Ways to Repurpose Everyday Objects by Juliette Goggin and Stacy Sirk

Junk Genius: Stylish Ways to Repurpose Everyday Objects by Juliette Goggin and Stacy Sirk

In “Junk Genius,” you’ll find highly rewarding and money-saving repurposing projects, and discover why making your own is a trend well worth exploring.

Juliette Goggin and Stacy Sirk have created over 80 projects and ideas using items you can easily find or might already have. Discover creative ways to use glass with the compact kilner jar sewing kit and the pretty message-in-a-bottle pendant. Myriad uses for old crates include planting them with herbs and vegetables and transforming one into a night stand. Add something different to your household with a range of light fittings made from colanders, a birdcage, and even jello molds! Discover no end of uses for paper, including making bunting, labels, tags, and table settings, and inventive ideas for crafting with wallpaper, stamps, and old photos. Clear out those old keys and transform them into a range of items, from jewelry to door handles and coat hooks. Finally, try making unwanted sweaters into cosy pillow covers.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, you’ll learn to hunt out and see the potential in a whole range of items and be inspired to transform your treasure trove of useable raw materials into stunning new accessories for a beautiful home.

Upcycle! Turn Everyday Objects Into Home Decor by Sonia Lucano

Upcycle! turn everyday objects into home decor by Sonia Lucano

Have a bunch of mason jars in your cupboard but not sure what to do with them? Have some fruit crates laying around? Upcycle is a fun, contemporary project book that will show you how to take a range of common objects, many available cheap or free, and craft them into stylish home furnishings and décor.

The projects are practical and attractive, with full-color photography and easy-to-follow instructions. Turn an old wooden pallet into a stylish coffee table or a charming, rustic headboard, a leftover jam jar into an accent light or a hanging plant holder, and dozens more simple home crafts. The lovely “farmhouse chic” esthetic brings a rustic yet modern flare to any home. Each project has a complete list of tools and materials needed, and handy illustrations that even the beginner to DIY projects can follow with ease.

The book focuses on 8 everyday items you may find at a flea market or even free—perhaps in your own home, and shows how each can yield a wide range of projects. Bonus section includes ideas for stencils to trace, or be inspired by to create your own.

DIY T-Shirt Crafts : From Braided Bracelets to Floor Pillows, 50 Unexpected Ways to Recycle Your Old T-shirts : Awesome Projects-in Less Than an Hour by Adrianne Surian

DIY T-shirt crafts : from braided bracelets to floor pillows, 50 unexpected ways to recycle your old T-shirts : awesome projects-in less than an hour by Adrianne Surian

Transform old T-shirts into trendy accessories–in 60 minutes or less!

Creating something useful and stylish doesn’t have to take ages or require expensive supplies. From an Easy Twisted Headband to Round Lounge Pillows, “DIY T-Shirt Crafts” teaches you how to repurpose old T-shirts into 50 beautiful projects worthy of showing off. Complete with step-by-step instructions and stunning photographs, each T-shirt craft is simple enough for beginners to recreate and can be finished in 60 minutes or fewer. Guided by Adrianne Surian, the crafter behind the popular blog Happyhourprojects.com, you’ll turn this wardrobe staple into trendy, one-of-a-kind accessories.

Whether you’re cleaning out your closet, want to personalize your look, or just found a hole in your favorite top, it’s time to take your tees to the next level with these fashion-forward projects!

More Handicrafts … Fun Projects to Inspire Your Creative Side

Handmade Bird, Bee and Bat Houses: 25 Beautiful Homes, Feeders and More to Attract Wildlife into Your Garden by Michele McKee-Orsini
Build Stuff With Wood: Make Awesome Projects with Basic Tools by Asa Christiana and Nick Offerman
 Woodworking : traditional craft for modern living / Samina Langholz and Andrea Brugi
Wood pallet wonders : DIY projects for home, garden, holidays and more / Becky Lamb
Crafting a Patterned Home: Painting, Printing, and Stitching Projects to Enliven Every Room by Kristin Nicholas and Rikki Snyder
DIY projects for cats and dogs : 20 easy-to-build creations for your best friend / Armelle Rau & Pierre Legrix.
PVC + pipe engineer : put together cool, easy, maker-friendly stuff by Jordan Bunker
French vintage décor : easy & elegant DIY projects for any home by Jamie Lundstrom

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