Horror on hoopla

Posted on September 16, 2021

by Rachel S

Happy holidays! As October brings that familiar snap in the air, the fuel I need doesn’t just come from a pillowcase filled with an amalgamation of chocolate, bubble gum and sour patch. I need some horror. Not always to terrify, but sometimes to laugh and spark the merriment of old-world Celtic traditions.

If you’re looking for some major holiday camp, search “horror” under “movies” on hoopla. You will be rewarded with titles like Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal (worst roommate ever), The Maze (yes, a movie about a killer on the loose in a corn maze – family fun for all!), Deadly Renovations (for those of you that have always wished the shows on HGTV would take a dark turn) and Return to Horror High (starring 1982 George Clooney AND Marcia from The Brady Bunch! Excuse me while I run home and stream this beauty immediately.

The following are some of my pics for camp/humor:

Cover of Eegah! Cover of Eegah!



The same old story. Man gets knocked out by prehistoric cave-dweller, daughter comes to his rescue, cave-dweller falls in love. Starring: guy who played Jaws in the James Bond films.

Cover of Beach Girls and the Monster Cover of Beach Girls and the Monster

Beach Girls and the Monster


Scientist gives up his career to shred some righteous waves until a sea monster starts attacking teens on the beach and kills his buzz.

Cover of Fresh Meat Cover of Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat


What horrors will you find lurking in the suburbs? Oversized SUVs? Socks and sandals? Botoxed brows? Cannibals? Matching houses? Watch and find out!

Cover of Hawk & Rev Cover of Hawk & Rev

Hawk & Rev


Hawk dreams of killing vampires. No one believes they exist, except his friend Rev. Together they fight save their hometown!

Cover of Stan Helsing Cover of Stan Helsing

Stan Helsing


Keenan Ivory Wayans absurdist comedy/horror satire. hoopla describes it as “ultra-hip,” but considering it came out in 2009, I am dubious.

Cover of Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal Cover of Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal

Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal


Thure Lindhardt stars in this quirky horror-comedy as Lars, a former darling of the art scene slipping away into the land of has-beens and struggling with lack of inspiration. When Lars’ art dealer Ronny arranges a teaching job in a small town to stir up his creative juices, things don’t quite turn out as planned.

Cover of The Maze Cover of The Maze

The Maze


Five friends break into a closed corn maze in the middle of the night and decide to play a harmless game of tag. Little do they know that a psychopathic killer has decided to play along (shouldn’t they have assumed this would happen?). As they wander aimlessly through the maze the murderer follows closely behind, taunting them and watching their every move. The game turns deadly when the kids decide to separate (of course they do) and weaken their chances of survival.

Cover of Deadly Renovations Cover of Deadly Renovations

Deadly Renovations


A fast-paced horror thriller about a group who renovates an abandoned hotel that may contain millions in cash hidden somewhere within. Murder and mayhem ensue.

Cover of Return to Horror High Cover of Return to Horror High

Return to Horror High


In 1982, Crippen High School was the scene of a series of brutal murders. The killer was never caught. Now, a low-budget film crew that includes an ill-fated leading man (George Clooney), the pretentious director (Scott Jacoby), a lecherous producer (Alex Rocco) and numerous nubile actresses have all returned to Crippen High to film the story of what happened. But when members of the production are stalked and slaughtered one-by-one, it appears that the depraved maniac is back. Who will survive the massacre? And what will be left of their careers?

I wish you a festive season filled with tricks, treats and sincere pumpkin patches. Find your spot on the couch, pop some corn, pour some cider and settle in for some laughs and scares courtesy of hoopla and your Library.

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