Mozilla Web Literacy

Posted on May 18, 2017

by Andy L

You might know the name Mozilla from the web browser Firefox. You may also know them as the nonprofit that advocates for a healthy, open web – Internet for people, not profit. Web Literacy according to Mozilla is about reading, writing, and participating on the web so that rather than being a consumer of content, people can be creators and shape the future of the internet. Our staff certainly knew the basics of Web Literacy, but having the opportunity to attend a rigorous training day and then remixing (adapting) that curriculum to fit our staff needs increased comfort in an area where we were not experts.

How did it happen?

We originally applied for the grant in January 2016. The first grant from Mozilla paid for our training day and additional technology that we ended up buying. After our first grant period had ended, we applied to extend the pilot for another 6 months for an additional $10,000 to put toward technology for training and future public classes. This has left us more prepared to train staff in a shorter amount of time. Our goal is to have all staff trained by the end of 2018.

CC-BY 4.0 Mozilla – Lovingly Borrowed from Mozilla’s Blog on Medium

What Now?

Interested in learning a little more about Web Literacy? Come check out some fun events we are putting on.

Coding Club at King Road

Gamers’ Lounge at West Toledo

Let’s Code at Heatherdowns

All Computer and Technology Events

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