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Posted 10/21/20 by Rachel S

Since I have been consuming massive amounts of books and other media during these bizarre months, I felt it only fair to share some of the gems I encountered with TLCPL’s blog readers. Place your holds now!

Cover of The Sun Down Motel

The Sun Down Motel
By Simone St. James

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Spooky season is upon us! I find myself looking for something creepy the minute the weather turns and stumbled upon this supernatural crime thriller. This story alternates between the present day and the early ‘80s with an aunt and niece experiencing similar encounters at the eponymous motel while trying to solve several murders. There is just enough ghost and just enough grisly crime to make for a fun, quick read.

Cover of We Ride Upon Sticks

We Ride Upon Sticks
By Quan Barry

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Another seasonally appropriate novel set in the late ‘80s that has a massive amount of references to the culture of the times. Do you miss the effort it took to curl and spray your bangs into a giant halo on your head? Much reverence is given to this hairstyle. A field hockey team + witchcraft + Emilio Estevez = a wildly entertaining peek into the lives of teen girls in the carefree ‘80s. This book slyly sneaks in the power of friendship and teamwork with a feminist vibe.

Cover of Horrorstor

By Grady Hendrix

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Have you ever fantasized about being locked in a department store overnight and wondered how you’d manage? Just me? Well, imagine being trapped in an IKEA-type store that becomes more and more sinister over the course of the night. Grady Hendrix has a talent for combining humor and horror about unusual topics (see also: My Best Friend’s Exorcism)

Cover of Squeeze Me

Squeeze Me
By Carl Hiaasen

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Thank you, Carl Hiaasen! Thank you! This book is delightful and the perfect distraction to the garbage fire that is 2020. Not only does he use his characteristic wit to satirize an abominable presidency, but he sets the book post-pandemic which brings me hope. I won’t give anything away, but giant pythons, Palm Beach, and a presidential tanning bed are involved.

Cover of The Yellow House

The Yellow House
By Sarah M. Broom

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Stories about community and family intrigue me and Sarah Broom’s writing draws you in and makes you feel as though you are having a deeply personal conversation with her. The book is a saga of a large family and covers the evolution of their home in New Orleans East, a forgotten enclave of New Orleans.

Cover of The Compton Cowboys: The new generation of cowboys in America’s urban heartland

The Compton Cowboys: The new generation of cowboys in America’s urban heartland
By Walter Thompson-Hernandez

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I had no idea horse ranches existed in urban areas across the country or what an indelible impact they have on those involved. The author, a NYT journalist, writes about the personal lives of the cowboys and the unique culture they belong to emphasizing the importance of such community anchors. *This book features literal urban cowboys and is not to be confused with John Travolta’s Houston-set dramedy involving a mechanical bull.

Cover of Let the Right One In (DVD)

Let the Right One In (DVD)
By Tomas Alfredson


Swedish vampire tale which is just as stark and unsympathetic as you’d expect it to be. Considered one of the best horror films of all time and often ends up on must-watch lists. Be prepared for a truly redemptive bully scene and some aggressive cats.

Cover of Nightcrawler (DVD)

Nightcrawler (DVD)
By Dan Gilroy

I don’t know how YOU celebrate the season of Jake “GyllenFALL”, but this year I made it festive by watching a series of his films (including Zodiac, Donnie Darko, Spider-Man: Far from Home and End of Watch). Nightcrawler had not been on my radar until a friend recommended that I include it on my watchlist. Nightcrawling is a little-explored occupation involving paparazzi-style crime scene videography and not just something X-Men and worms do. The movie is tense, and JG’s performance is subtly creepy in the very best way. He is possibly one of the most talented, underrated actors out there.