Rachel Recommends: What to Read and Watch This Autumn

Posted on October 9, 2023

by Rachel S

Fall is busy and we are in a constant battle with time. Between work, school and forever waiting for the Great Pumpkin, it’s all but impossible to find time to ourselves to read. As a representative of the Library, I can’t allow that to happen. Perhaps something on this list will inspire you to sneak away to a sincere pumpkin patch, Hobbit hole, or cupboard under the stairs and get reading.

I’ve got a new sweatsuit, a dormant bonfire, and pumpkin spice creamer chilling in the fridge. Bring it on.

Lucky Red by Claudia Cravens

eBook | eAudiobook

Check out this page-turner for an alternate look at the old West from the entertainment perspective and find out how one brothel employee got out of Dodge.

For fans of rollicking pianos, crushed velvet, and saloon doors.

Welcome to the Circus of Baseball by Ryan McGee

eBook | eAudiobook

This book is folksy, charming, and a tribute to the author’s idyllic summer spent as an intern with the Asheville Tourists MiLB team in 1994.

I listened to this on audio and enjoyed hearing the author describe his experience in his lyrical North Carolina accent filled with nostalgia.

All I can remember from the summer of 1994 is a sweltering Lollapalooza show headlined by The Smashing Pumpkins and Beastie Boys.

For fans of minor league baseball (and you’d better be).

20-40-60 Minute Dinners by Kate Otterstrom

This book is just what I was looking for. It is heavy on ideas, and it is not trying to be the answer to all dietary problems (refreshing). This is the rare, modern cookbook that isn’t exclusively vegan, gluten-free, or plant-based. It’s a book full of good food, and simple recipes with a focus on timing for the busy household.

Fall faves include:

  • A choice between making dinner OR cinnamon rolls (we pick our battles).
  • Chicken and corn casserole.
  • Green and gold bean stew (perfect for an autumn Sunday).
  • Even a recipe for English toffee which I’ve never had the guts to try and make.

For people who are tired of asking their friends for meal ideas only to find out those friends don’t know what to make for dinner tonight either.

Wrecker by Carl Hiaasen

Fifteen-year-old Wrecker becomes entangled with a group of smugglers and grave robbers, he must dive deep into their shady dealings in order to escape their twisted net.

I haven’t even read this yet, but Carl Hiaasen is dependably hilarious and irreverent. Trust me. Carl will deliver.

Home in the Woods by Eliza Wheeler

A fictional account of the author’s grandmother’s real-life experience during the Great Depression set in picture book form. The book takes place throughout 4 seasons while the family of 9 contrives to survive in a tiny shack in the woods, build a life, and most of all experience the joy of being together.


Cackle by Rachel Harrison

eBook | eAudiobook

What’s more cathartic when getting over a breakup than becoming best friends with a witch? This is the ultimate fall read and will make you want to pick up a PSL, bake an apple pie, and host a slumber party in a haunted house (after egging your ex’s car, of course).


Crook Manifesto by Colson Whitehead

eBook | eAudiobook

Once again Colson Whitehead makes crime fiction fun in this anticipated follow-up to Harlem Shuffle (and the second in a planned trilogy – yay!). We find our friend Carney in a tight spot. After having gone straight for several years, it’s a set of Jackson 5 tickets that set him back on his former, crooked path.

“Crooked stays crooked and bent hates straight. The rest is survival.”

As I’ve mentioned before Colson Whitehead’s writing is phenomenal and addictive. I cannot stop reading him and cannot wait for the final book.


A Deadly Inside Scoop by Abby Collette

eBook | eAudiobook

This first in a new cozy mystery series set in northeast Ohio is worth a taste!

Warning: Reading could contribute to feverishly ordering pints of Jeni’s online.

Check out the subsequent titles A Game of Cones and A Killer Sundae.

For people who enjoy a little light murder set in quaint towns with bookshops, yarn, and cats.


Now that it’s official spooky season, don’t forget to check out Kanopy’s Fright Fest featuring curated horror films in time for Halloween!

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