Resources to Learn More About the People Behind Farm and Migrant Labor

Posted on November 27, 2023

by Teresa A

Farm and migrant laborers play a vital role in U.S. agriculture. Their immense impact ensures food is available in our grocery stores and restaurants. While their work is essential, it is also low-paying, strenuous, and hazardous. Farm and migrant workers’ important contributions are often overshadowed by xenophobia and the politicization of their immigration status since many of these workers are Hispanic, or of Mexican origin, and less likely to be US citizens.

In addition to the difficulties farmwork and immigration status present for laborers, women are particularly vulnerable to violence and abuse. Justice for Migrant Women, founded by Monica Ramirez, is a nonprofit dedicated to advocating and protecting migrant women’s rights and bringing awareness to the issues migrant women face. Their organization’s work is essential for educating people on the importance of migrant work, the toll it takes on individuals, and the rights all people are entitled to regardless of their immigration status or gender. Beyond the prejudices and apathy are real people striving to live real lives, while supporting themselves and their families, under a difficult system that we all benefit from.

To learn more about the people and history behind farm and migrant work, check out the books below and the documentaries, In the Shadows: Undocumented Immigration in America and Fruits of Labor available through Kanopy, the Library’s free movie streaming service. Join us at Main Library on (Th) Dec. 7 from 3 – p.m. and hear about the Healing Voices Project By Mónica Ramírez.

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