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Trail Blazing Women

10 amazing books for kids about women explorers, adventurers, and pioneers in their fields.

It’s “Officially” Juneteenth!

One of the brightest spots I can remember, for me personally and for our country in the past two years, is June 17, 2021 when Juneteenth was officially made an American holiday.

Rethinking World War II 80 Years On

Two University of Toledo professors choose their top book picks for look at how WWII and the events of 1941 are remembered 80 years later. Here are their top book picks.

Biographies for Grades PreK-3

Who was the first Black woman in space? Who invented crayons? Explore colorful life stories with preschool and early elementary students.

American Civil War resources for Grades 9-12

Spanning four years and resulting in more than 620,000 American casualties, historians regard the American Civil War as one of the most divisive eras in US history. Let the Library guide you to some excellent resources for furthering your research of this part of our past.

Holocaust Resources for High School Learners

Are you overwhelmed with the number of resources to help your students learn? Let the Library help! Check out these trusted resources on the Holocaust, selected by our knowledgeable librarians for high school learners. 

Reading the Supremes

If you're curious about the Supreme Court, the many books published about the late and legendary RBG are just the tip of the Ginsburg. I mean iceberg.

Resources for Middle School Studies of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

Are you overwhelmed with the number of resources to help your students learn? Let the Library help! Using trusted resources and expert knowledge, our resourceful librarians have gathered a collection of credible and reliable resources – both electronic and books on Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, specifically for Middle School students.

Feed Your Harriet Need

Now that I’ve seen the biopic Harriet and have a taste for who this incredible woman was - I’ve begun searching for more information about her life, and wanted to share some recommended reading (and viewing).

Rachel Recommends: 2019 Spring Edition

The long climb from spring to sandal season requires a little pampering of the spirit. This list should not incite tension or anxiety, but, rather a sense of mellow peace.

Join Us In Celebrating The 419!

Join the Library, WGTE, Friends of Sidecut Metropark, the Maumee Valley Historical Society and others in celebrating 419 History Day for 2019.

We Dig Archaeology

Archaeology is not what you find, it’s what you find out - David Hurst Thomas

Ten Native American Authors You Should Know

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, explore this list of top ten popular Native American authors. These authors write on activism, culture, history, challenges of reservation life, and attempting to establish identities in the modern world.