Blog: Immigrant Heritage Month

Immigrant Heritage Month Storyteller: Najwa Badawi

Our next Immigrant Heritage Month storyteller is Najwa Badawi. Read more about her journey, where she shares feelings of gratefulness "for the opportunities this country has offered me and hope that my story can serve as a reminder that with hard work and faith, better times lie ahead."

Immigrant Heritage Month Storyteller: Franco Vitella

Our second Immigrant Heritage Month storyteller is Franco Vitella. Read more about Franco’s journey to Toledo, as he celebrates the communities that have welcomed generations of his family, while creating new traditions through an appreciation of culture and heritage.

Immigrant Heritage Month Storyteller: Ting Li

Our first Immigrant Heritage Month storyteller is Ting Li, who comes from a city called Dalian, in China. Arriving as a student, Ting Li has since found her way to Toledo, where she experienced "numerous moments that people from a greater Toledo community radiated warmth towards each other."

Welcome TLC is now Housed at the Library

The Welcome TLC initiative works to build a more welcoming and inclusive community for immigrants, refugees, and people of diverse cultures that supports a vibrant civic, economic, and social fabric for all. See how Welcome TLC’s mission fits in with the Library’s institutional values, by reading about the initiative’s origins and transition to the Library.

Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month with Welcome TLC

Since 2016, Welcome Toledo-Lucas County (TLC) has annually celebrated Immigrant Heritage Month, held in June and organized by national partner, to give people across the United States an opportunity to explore their own heritage and celebrate the shared diversity of America. Join us in a virtual book discussion, hear from immigrant story tellers and see how our community has celebrated.