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10 Youth Novels Written in Verse

Celebrating National Poetry Month by reading poetry? Out. Celebrating National Poetry Month by reading entire novels told via poetry? In. (Actually, reading poetry is still in, but you know what I mean).

Writing Workshops Return!

Want to share a piece of your most recent poetry or prose as well as hone your skills as a writer? Registering for one of our weekly writing workshops may be the plan for you.

Exploring Poetry and Jazz Online

Did you know the month of April is both National Poetry Month and Jazz Appreciation Month? Celebrate at home with these digital recommendations!

Two Librarians, Too Many Books: It’s Women’s History Month, Y’all!

It’s Women’s History Month, y’all! I, for one, can’t think of a worthier topic to chat endlessly about. So in celebration, Katie and I got together to talk about the female authors who have captivated us through the written word and inspired us in our own lives. The following conversation is a lightly-edited-for-clarity transcription of that chat.

Plays by African-American Playwrights

For decades, African-American playwrights have pushed the American theater to embrace bold, daring and popular new forms and have, in the process, contributed some of the most enduring stories and characters in the American literary canon. The library has on its shelves an assortment of scripts from this robust tradition.

Nobel Prize Winners

The Nobel Peace Prize has an interesting history - continue reading to learn more about it and check out a selection of books by some of the recipients.