Toledo Business Grows With Valuable Library Resources

Posted on November 19, 2019

by Ryan D

Moni Featchurs, owner of Premier Screenings LLC, recently discovered the “wealth of information” available for business owners at Toledo Lucas County Public Library. There are thousands of educational courses on Lynda. Online databases provide customer insights and legal documents for entrepreneurs. It’s all there. And it’s all free.

“We saw the resources that were available for business owners. It was just mind blowing. That’s what started my involvement with the Library,” Featchurs said. “You can put in, ‘How many women are in an area that make $75,000 and own a dog?’ It would give you all the information in a particular area,” he said.

Community partnerships

Featchurs, 46, has been a DJ for 22 years. He found the Library’s Business and Workforce resources as part of his Assets Toledo class. Premier Screenings furnishes public and private events with its inflatable screens, projector, state-of-the-art speakers and concessions. The business, nearly a year old, partners with the City of Toledo for outdoor movie nights. This idea started a couple years ago when Featchurs participated in a DJ event at an Atlanta park. As evening came, attendees watched a movie on the inflatable screen. They sat in lawn chairs and enjoyed food as well.

“It was just a great community feel. I wanted to bring that to Toledo,” he said.

Featchurs said nearly everything that business owners need is in the Library. Staff lend additional expertise and support. Featchurs in particular praised Linda Fayerweather, business and technology specialist. When he was unsure about financial projections, she offered a breakdown and invaluable tools. He said it’s the type of information for which people often pay large sums. Fayerweather also provided Featchurs with specific library tools that assisted him in revising his business plan.

“You can’t beat free”

Featchurs hopes to expand through other city partnerships and businesses’ team-building events. Library resources will help him determine which organizations to contact. He plans to use everything he has learned, and is already advising other entrepreneurs to seek the Library’s assistance.

“Take advantage of the wealth of information. You can’t beat free. For business owners, one of the main concerns is finances. If you can, learn for free,” he said.

Have you always wanted to run your own business, but were unsure where to start? Toledo Library is your one-stop destination for all things entrepreneurial.

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