Top 5 Books You Should Read So You Can Talk About Salman Rushdie

Posted on August 24, 2022

by Eric P

As of this writing author Salman Rushdie is recovering slowly after an assailant attacked him onstage at a lecture and stabbed him multiple times. The assault comes after years of threats that began in 1989 when the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini decided Salman’s book The Satanic Verses was so offensive in its treatment of Islam that the Ayatollah offered a reward for Rushdie’s murder.

Only fairly recently, as the urgency of the threat finally began to dissipate, was Rushdie able to re-enter society and start engaging in normal human activities the rest of us take for granted: eating in restaurants, going to parties, appearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The attack is a reminder that the free expression of ideas can’t be taken for granted. One way to celebrate freedom of thought is to read some Salman Rushdie yourself and decide on your own what you think of his ideas. Here are five titles that are worth your attention.

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