We dig Wikipedia as much as the next group, however it is not an encyclopedia. Find vetted and approved research and data by browsing categories below or by alphabetical order.

Books and Reading

Find your next great read, learn about authors and literary genres and find rare books online.

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Biography and Genealogy

Find information about people and places from the past through various genealogical, historical and governmental online sources.

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Business and Investments

Search for company information and investment research to build a business or financial portfolio.

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Career, College and Test Prep

Learn computer and workforce skills, get job search help, study for certifications or licensure exams and prep for GED, high school or college entrance exams.

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Consumer and Automotive

Find auto repair help, the value of antiques and search product ratings before you buy something new.

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Create, Learn and Make

Learn a new skill, search the highest rated projects, create new crafts or complete a home improvement project.

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Easy to use eMedia including audiobooks, comics, eBooks, eMagazines, music, movies and television for all ages.

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History, Law and Culture

Learn about different cultures and traditions, access free legal forms and do legal research on local, state and national levels.

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Education and Homework Help

Get on-demand tutoring, test preparation, writing assistance and homework, science project and term paper help in over 40 subjects.

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Magazines and Newspapers

Search for articles and primary source materials on an unlimited number of subjects including history, health, business and more.

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Science, Technology and Health

Research a diagnosis or medicine, find information on diseases and get help with science and technology school assignments or projects.

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Toledo and Ohio

Find Ohio history, historical photos, maps, articles, death certificates and a searchable database of Northwest Ohio clubs and organizations.

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