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Whether you want to learn about Toledo Lucas County or research your family tree, our Local History Department is the place to be.


The Library indexes obituaries as a service to the community. If you find a person you are searching for, we can email a scan of the obit to you. Out-of-state residents are charged $3 per obituary scan.

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Let us help protect your memories and important historic documents. We will digitize up to ten items* for you every three months at no charge. Our team is also available to help with scanning, editing and file storage.

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Images in Time

Most of the photographs in the Local History Photograph Collection depict scenes from Toledo, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, including schools, hospitals, parks and Toledo area industries such as Jeep and Libbey Glass.

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Digital Exhibits

If you missed seeing these exhibits in person, explore them online! Our current list of digital exhibits includes the Birmingham Neighborhood, Elizabeth Frankowski Memoirs, FLOC History, Sam Szor, Sergeant Gallagher & WWI, Toledo Area Jewish History, Toledo Area Labor History and Toledo Troopers.

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Featured Exhibit: Toledo Troopers

Did you know that Toledo is home to the winningest professional football team in history? The Toledo Troopers were established in 1971 as part of the National Women's Football League (NWFL) and went on to become World Champions from 1971-1977.

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Authors! Authors!

Built, more than 20 years ago, upon a deceptively simple intention to “inspire the community,”Authors! Authors! has become a nationally renowned community treasure.

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Sight and Sound

Join host Tom Walton as he interviews Toledo’s top public figures; celebrating their unique impact on Toledo history.

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Edrene Cole Collection

Lucas County's African American Oral History Collection preserves and shares local voices and perspectives for future generations.

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Finding Aids and Inventories

American Institute of Banking, Toledo Chapter Scrapbooks - Mss. Coll. 257 View>>

Americanization Board Collection, 1919-1925 - Sm. Coll. 38 View>>

Ames, Edward Carder, Collection - Mss. Coll. 142 View>>

Anderson, Elaine, Collection - Mss. Coll. 153 View>>

Association of Historical & Ancestral Societies - Mss. Coll. 70 View>>

Athena Art Society Collection - Mss. Coll. 28 View>>

Autograph Collection - BRBR Coll. 2 View>>

Backus, Elise McDowell, Collection - BRBR Coll. 5 View>>

Banks of Greater Toledo Collection - Mss. Coll. 39 View>>

Battle of Fallen Timbers Commemorative Stamp Collection - Mss. Coll. 132 View>>

Bentley, Ethel, Collection - Mss. Coll. 37 View>>

Binkley, Diana Elizabeth Long, Scrapbook - Sm. Coll. 86 View>>

Black American History Papers - Mss. Coll. 27 View>>

Black Swamp Blues Society Collection - Mss. Coll. 313 View>>

Boats and Boating Collection - Sm. Coll. 13 View>>

Boyd, Rev. Robert D., Collection - Mss. Coll. 135 View>>

Brand Whitlock Homes Cornerstone Collection - Mss. Coll. 312 View>>

Brand, Constance Woolson, Collection - MVHS Coll. 11 View>>

Brophy, Thomas, Collection - Sm. Coll. 2 View>>

Brown, Joe E., Day Scrapbook - Mss. Coll. 277 View>>

Businesses and Industries of Greater Toledo Collection - Mss. Coll. 36 View>>

Callahan, John J., Papers - Mss. Coll. 274 View>>

Canal Memorabilia - Sm. Coll. 28 View>>

Centennials & Celebrations Collection - Mss. Coll. 121 View>>

Churches of Toledo Collection - Mss. Coll. 20 View>>

City of Toledo Charter Review Commission Collection - Mss. Coll. 265 View>>

City of Toledo Official Correspondence - MVHS Coll. 9 View>>

Civil War Papers - Mss. Coll. 8 View>>

Clubs & Organizations of Greater Toledo Collection - Mss. Coll. 41 View>>

Cochran, Negley, Collection - Mss. Coll. 34 View>>

Collins, Whitney and Heston Papers - Mss. Coll. 13 View>>

Colton, Olive A., Scrapbooks - Mss. Coll. 12 View>>

Community Traction Company, Coffin Award Presentation, 1930 - BRBR Coll. 6 View>>

Cook & Kirtland Account Book - MVHS Coll. 2 View>>

Cook, Louisa, Letters - Sm. Coll. 19 View>>

Corey Woods Garden Club Collection - Mss. Coll. 219 View>>

Crane, Emily Lois Boice, Scrapbook - Mss. Coll. 223 View>>

Cullen, Gerald, Collection - Mss. Coll. 105 View>>

Cummins, Calvin Clark, Genealogical Research Collection - Mss. Coll. 298 View>>

Dahn, Adelaide, Collection - Mss. Coll. 11 View>>

DeVilbiss High School Social Scrapbooks, 1931-1941 - Mss. Coll. 165 View>>

Early NW Ohio Documents (Pre 1850) Collection - BRBR Coll. 4 View>>

Elgutter, Ruth, Scrapbooks, 1947-1966 - Mss. Coll. 304 View>>

Eliot, Harry, Prints - BRBR Coll. 3 View>>

Ethnic Collection - Sm. Coll. 77 View>>

Fathers & Mothers for Equal Rights Collection - Mss. Coll. 279 View>>

Foley, Eileen, Newspaper Columns - Mss. Coll. 263 View>>

Friends of the Library, TLCPL - Mss. Coll. 259 View>>

Genealogical Organizations Collection - Mss. Coll. 24 View>>

Genealogies Collection - Mss. Coll. 231 View>>

Gillette/Stackhouse Collection - Mss. Coll. 139 View>>

Glass Collectors Club of Toledo Collection - Mss. Coll. 311 View>>

Grand Army of the Republic Collection - Sm. Coll. 6 View>>

Grant, Ulysses S., Autograph - Sm. Coll. 10 View>>

Grigsby, Margaret Ann Hartman, Family Papers - Mss. Coll. 300 View>>

Haller, Hazel Ernst, Memoirs - Mss. Coll. 256 View>>

Harbaugh, B. Jack, Bridge Notes - Mss. Coll. 200 View>>

Harrison, Kay Glenn, Collection - Mss. Coll. 131 View>>

Hauland, Alvin N., Collection - Mss. Coll. 242 View>>

Hiett, Lawrence, Collection - Mss. Coll. 85 View>>

Hopkins-Bond Collection - Mss. Coll. 25 View>>

Hospitals & Medical Organizations Collection - Mss. Coll. 108 View>>

Howard, Dresden W. H., Collection - MVHS Coll. 5 View>>

Hubbard, Thomas H., Papers - Sm. Coll. 79 View>>

Hunt, John Elliott, Memoirs, 1755-1818 - MVHS Coll. 1 View>>

In Old Toledo Scrapbooks - Mss. Coll. 147 View>>

International Brotherhood of Stationary Firemen Local #2 Collection - Mss. Coll. 152 View>>

International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 313 (Local 18) Collection - Mss. Coll. 177 View>>

Isenberg, Sandy, Collection - Mss. Coll. 216 View>>

Jewish Congregations & Organizations Collection - Mss. Coll. 29 View>>

Johnstone, Joseph R., Collection - Mss. Coll. 33 View>>

Jones, Samuel Milton, Collection - MVHS Coll. 7 View>>

Jones, Samuel Milton, Guide to Microfilm - Mss. Coll. 2 View>>

Jones, Samuel Milton, Papers - Mss. Coll. 2 View>>

Jones, Samuel Milton, Personal Library Bibliography View>>

Keller, Theodore G., Collection - Mss. Coll. 262 View>>

Labor & Labor Unions Collection - Mss. Coll. 86 View>>

LaCava, Joseph W., Labor History Collection - Mss. Coll. 240 View>>

Land Ownership Records - Sm. Coll. 29 View>>

Land Records Collection - MVHS Coll. 3 View>>

Lathrop House Underground Railroad Collection - Mss. Coll. 275 View>>

Letters Collection - Sm. Coll. 45 View>>

Levin, Ken, Postcard Collection - BRBR Coll. 7 View>>

Libbey High School Collection - Mss. Coll. 134 View>>

Libbey, Edward D., Scrapbooks - Mss. Coll. 106 View>>

Linnard, Lawrence G., Collection - Mss. Coll. 183 View>>

Locke, Rose Mary Betts, Collection - Mss. Coll. 272 View>>

Lucas County Politics Collection - Mss. Coll. 40 View>>

MacKenzie, Howard, Collection - Mss. Coll. 246 View>>

McPherson, James Birdseye, Family Papers - Mss. Coll. 1 View>>

Miller, Henry J., Diaries - Mss. Coll. 260 View>>

Mills, Bradford, Collection - Mss. Coll. 193 View>>

Miniature Book Collection - Sm. Coll. 80 View>>

Miscellaneous Collection - Mss. Coll. 32 View>>

Monroe, Rusty, Jazz Collection - Mss. Coll. 225 View>>

Morrison, Carol Baur, Genealogical Research Collection - Mss. Coll. 306 View>>

Murphy Mortuary Collection Index - Mss. Coll. 125 View>>

Myers, Park L., Collection - Sm. Coll. 18 View>>

Navarre, Nellie, Letters - Sm. Coll. 84 View>>

Neighborhoods of Toledo Collection - Mss. Coll. 30 View>>

Northwestern Ohio Genealogical Soc. Cemetery Project - Mss Coll. 6 View>>

Norton, Elijah Harper, Family Papers - Mss. Coll. 76 View>>

Norton, Elijah Harper, Family Papers Index - Mss. Coll. 76 View>>

Oblinger, Flavius J., Scrapbook Index - MVHS Coll. 20 View>>

Ohio Nurses' Association, Toledo District - Mss. Coll. 133 View>>

Ohio-Michigan Boundary Dispute Collection - BRBR Coll. 1 View>>

Old Adams Street Mission Collection - Mss. Coll. 55 View>>

Owen, Charles W., Washington Bicentennial Scrapbook - Mss. Coll. 318 View>>

Palicki, Walter Z., Personal Police Log Books, 1915-1933 - Mss. Coll. 297 View>>

Pearson, George W., Scrapbooks - Mss. Coll. 15 View>>

Pearson, George W., Scrapbooks Index - Mss. Coll. 15 View>>

Pheatt, Gideon K. and Zebulon C., Collection - Sm. Coll. 48 View>>

Red Cross Collection - Mss. Coll.120 View>>

Reed, Jerry A., Jr., Tap Dance Collection - Mss. Coll. 148 View>>

Rice-Moore Collection - Sm. Coll. 51 View>>

Riddle, Charlotte, Genealogical Papers - Mss. Coll. 261 View>>

Ronda, Stanley, Jr., Calligraphy Collection - Mss. Coll. 276 View>>

Rosinski, Hattie Klosinski, Letters - Sm. Coll. 78 View>>

Sabin, Darrel Burton, Genealogical Collection - Mss. Coll. 319 View>>

Schools of Toledo & Lucas County Collection - Mss. Coll. 14 View>>

Scott, Jesup W. & Frank J., Papers - Sm. Coll. 37 View>>

Secor/Stranahan Collection - Mss. Coll. 138 View>>

Segur Family Papers - Mss. Coll. 19 View>>

Shields, Alfred W., Collection - Sm. Coll. 5 View>>

Smith/Becker Family Collection - Mss. Coll. 129 View>>

Smith/Becker Family Collection Slides - Mss. Coll. 129 View>>

Soney, William, Collection - MVHS Coll. 8 View>>

Spencer Township Historic Project 2013 - Mss. Coll. 321 View>>

Spencer, Smith, Denison Genealogical Collection - Sm. Coll. 81 View>>

Sports of Greater Toledo Collection - Mss. Coll. 285 View>>

St. Patrick's Historic Church Collection - Mss. Coll. 45 View>>

St. Paul United Methodist Church Collection - Mss. Coll. 114 View>>

Stine, David & Sidney, Collection - Mss. Coll. 80 View>>

Strayer, Lawrence M., Collection - Sm. Coll. 1 View>>

Surface Combustion, Inc. Collection - Mss. Coll. 273 View>>

Toledo & Lake Erie Boating & Fishing Association Records - Mss. Coll. 69 View>>

Toledo Area Metropolitan Park District Collection - Mss. Coll. 38 View>>

Toledo Artists' Club Collection - Mss. Coll. 62 View>>

Toledo Civic Hall of Fame Commission Collection - Mss. Coll. 295 View>>

Toledo Edison/Yaryan Heating System Collection - Mss. Coll. 269 View>>

Toledo Federation of Art Societies Collection - Mss. Coll. 43 View>>

Toledo Fire Department Collection - Mss. Coll. 44 View>>

Toledo History & Promotion Collection - Mss. Coll. 94 View>>

Toledo Industrial Peace Board Scrapbooks - Mss. Coll. 88 View>>

Toledo Jazz Collection - Mss. Coll. 243 View>>

Toledo Labor Exchange Collection - Sm. Coll. 69 View>>

Toledo Museum of Art Collection - Mss. Coll. 59 View>>

Toledo Public Health Association Collection - Mss. Coll. 87 View>>

Toledo Sesquicentennial Commission Collection - Mss. Coll. 136 View>>

Toledo Soldiers Memorial Association Collection - Mss. Coll. 9 View>>

Toledo Spiders:A Joint Archive...Murchison Community Center...UT Africana Studies Program - Mss. Coll. 234 View>>

Toledo Symphony Orchestra Collection - Mss. Coll. 68 View>>

Toledo Zoo Collection - Mss. Coll. 63 View>>

Towns & Cities of Ohio Collection - Mss. Coll. 17 View>>

Twining, Naomi, Labor History Collection - Mss. Coll. 230 View>>

VanHagen, Margaret, Collection - Mss. Coll. 280 View>>

Vinson, Hazel, Genealogical Research Collection - Mss. Coll. 288 View>>

W. W. Jones Collection - Sm. Coll. 12 View>>

Waggoner, Clark, Collection - Mss. Coll. 35 View>>

Waite Family Collection, 1889-1938 - Mss. Coll. 294 View>>

War of 1812 Papers - Sm. Coll. 14 View>>

Washington Township Civics Scrapbook, 1935 - Mss. Coll. 258 View>>

West, Aaron B., Diaries - Mss. Coll. 42 View>>

Whitlock, Brand, Collection - MVHS Coll. 6 View>>

Wolcott Family Papers - MVHS Coll. 4 View>>

Woman's Movement Papers - Mss. Coll. 18 View>>

Women of the Old West End Collection - Mss. Coll. 241 View>>

Women of the Old West End Collection Address Index - Mss. Coll. 241 View>>

Women of the Old West End Collection Periodicals - Mss. Coll. 241 View>>