Strategic Plan

TLCPL Strategic Plan

The Library has a new strategic plan – and you helped us write it! Thank you for sharing your time and ideas during the development process. Our plan focuses on three key areas:

  • Support Essential Literacies
  • Foster a Culture of Innovation & Leadership
  • Strengthen Our Community Engagement

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To learn more about how we created our strategic plan, explore archived records from parts I – III below.


The planning process began in July 2015 with an update on the Library’s current role and services. In this stage, we also worked with the community to develop a vision for our future.

Part I Overall Summary

PART I Meeting Summaries

Public: Final Summary
Online Feedback: Final Summary
Community Leaders: July 14
Children & Youth: July 17
Staff: July 15| July 16 (Morning) | July 16 (Afternoon)

Part II & III

In part II, which took place in Sep. 2015, we compiled and explored some of the main ideas that came out of our meetings in part I.


Staff: Sep. 16 | Sep. 17 (Morning) | Sep. 17 (Afternoon)
Public: Heatherdowns | Kent | Oregon | Sylvania | West Toledo 


Our new five-year strategic plan (2016 - 2020) is adopted - connecting the Library to the wants and needs of our community, city and county.