Strategic Plan

Where are we going? What does your Library look like in 2020? Explore our new Strategic Plan and find out. We promise it’s not boring.

TLCPL Strategic Plan

The Library has a new strategic plan – and you helped us write it! Thank you for sharing your time and ideas during the development process. Our plan will focus on three key areas:

  • Support Essential Literacies
  • Foster Culture of Innovation & Leadership
  • Strengthen Our Community Engagement

View pdf: English | en Español

To learn more about how we created our strategic plan, explore archived records from parts I – III below.


The planning process began in July 2015 with an update on the Library’s current role and services. In this stage, we also worked with the community to develop a vision for our future.

Part 1 Overall Summary

Part 1 Meeting Summaries

Part III

Our new 5 year Strategic Plan (2016 – 2020) is adopted – connecting the Library to the wants and needs of our community, city, and county!