10 Books for Judy Blume Fans

Posted on April 20, 2023

by Sam P

Judy Blume is having a moment. Coming up is a film adaptation of one of Blume’s most beloved books, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret as well as a documentary chronicling Blume’s life and writing titled Judy Blume Forever. If that wasn’t enough, a few more adaptations based on Superfudge, Forever, and Summer Sisters each have their own respective producers.

That’s a lot of Hollywood at once for someone who has spent decades writing, so what changed?

It could be several things from a growing number of censorship challenges around the country, of which Judy is extremely familiar with, to the simple answer of it’s time to give it a try. In the words of some of our librarians, her books were taboo as much as they were ground-breaking. They introduced reluctant readers to a world of possibilities. They were and continue to be honest portrayals of growing up and, for many, it was Blume’s work in which we learned about the things our parents wouldn’t tell us.

Below is a list of titles that are all about growing up for real.

Grow Up, Tahlia Wilkins!

I was told by a colleague, “if you’re writing a Judy Blume blog, you have to include this.” So, if you liked, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, consider this middle-grade story about friendship, growing up, and what is, perhaps, one of the worst times to EVER get your first period.

Maybe He Just Likes You

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Very rarely is junior high considered a good time. For seventh-grade Mila, it’s getting to the point where not even her band class feels safe from “boys being boys.” In looking for a new escape, she finds karate class and a new friend who will help her grow into her strengths that have always been there.

Fish in a Tree

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Dedicated to teachers who know the difference between child and student as well as the children overcoming their own challenges, readers get a glimpse into Ally’s life with dyslexia and reckoning with what it means to not be defined by it.

No Fixed Address

Housing insecurity effects people of all ages and it’s not exactly easy to talk about. At nearly thirteen years old, Felix Knutsson and his mother, Astrid, have once again been evicted from their latest apartment and must move into a van. The humor in this book doesn’t take away from its severity.

The Other Boy

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Shane is a baseball-loving, aspiring comic artist. He has a best friend named Josh and a crush on a girl named Madeline. That’s where the simplicity ends. Grappling with bullying and gender identity, this is a must for anyone who feels like a bit of an outsider.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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Widely considered a “must-read” by teens, teachers, and other adults alike, Sherman Alexie writes about a teen growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. The narrative is based on Alexie’s own experiences and is told through letters and illustration.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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Perks is a classic young adult novel told through letters written by “Charlie” to an anonymous person. It chronicles Charlie’s freshman year between 1991 – 1992 making friends, learning about parties, and growing an affinity for Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Silence Between Us

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Moving halfway across the country without a choice isn’t great. It’s probably even worse just before your senior year of high school. And it is definitely not the ideal situation when you have no say in transferring from a school for the deaf to a hearing school. Maya knows being Deaf isn’t a disability, but not all teenagers feel the same way.

New Kid

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This Coretta Scott King Award winning graphic novel follows Jordan Banks navigating the halls of his new private school where he’s the only person of color. Considered middle grade, but valuable at any age.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour explores Manuel’s coping with witnessing a school shooting. Through photography, Manuel learns how to manage his anxiety through this thoughtful method of self-expression.

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