10 eBooks Your Cat-loving Kid Will Enjoy

Posted on May 8, 2020

by April S

My kids love cats! They are obsessed with these furry four-legged creatures. So, when we find a new cat-centric book, they simply cannot wait to flip through the pages. Of course, they often want to read and reread the cat books, but that’s OK. We’re just glad they’re excited and engaged (and not watching videos for a change).

Cover of Caramba

Carambain Catalog

By Marie-Louise Gay

Endearing story about a shy cat who struggles to accept he is different. Along the way, Caramba discovers he has a unique talent. Ages 2-6.

Cover of Skippyjon Jones

Skippyjon Jonesin Catalog

By Judy Schachner

The first book in the best-selling series featuring the kitty boy Skippyjon Jones with an adventurous spirit and overactive imagination. Ages 3-5.

Cover of Here Comes Valentine Cat

Here Comes Valentine Catin Catalog

By Deborah Underwood

A story featuring a grumpy cat with a heart of gold. Ages 3-5.

Cover of Max the Brave

Max the Bravein Catalog

By Ed Vere

A story full of playful humor kids will want to read over and over. Ages 3-6.

Cover of Thumpy Feet

Thumpy Feetin Catalog

By Betsy Lewin

The story follows an animated orange cat who spends his day doing cat things and enjoying every minute of it. Ages 3-6.

Cover of What Will Fat Cat Sit On?

What Will Fat Cat Sit On?in Catalog

By Jan Thomas

A silly book that’s sure to delight young readers. Ages 4-7.

Cover of Bad Kitty

Bad Kittyin Catalog

By Nick Bruel

Kitty has a unique appetite for unusual fare. Ages 4-8.

Cover of Splat the Cat: I Scream for Ice Cream

Splat the Cat: I Scream for Ice Creamin Catalog

By Rob Scotton

A perfect book for beginning readers learning to sound out words and sentences. This level one easy reader features the ever-popular Splat the Cat and an avalanche of ice cream. Ages 4-8.

Cover of Pete the Cat: Scuba-Cat

Pete the Cat: Scuba-Catin Catalog

By James Dean

An aquatic adventure featuring the cool cat all the kids adore. This book is ideal for small children learning to read. Ages 4-8.

Cover of Mummy Cat

Mummy Catin Catalog

By Marcus Ewert

A great book for cat-loving kids who enjoy Egyptian tales. Ages 6-9.

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