10 Math Picture Books to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Posted on June 15, 2023

by Kathryn M

Did you know that a child’s knowledge of math when starting kindergarten is a stronger predictor for future academic success than either their early reading or attention skills?  Math concepts for kindergarten include counting and knowing the names of shapes, as well as measuring, sorting, noticing patterns, and making comparisons.

To help your child be kindergarten ready, bring math concepts into your day with these activities:

  • Practice counting with household objects. How many do you have?  What happens if we take one away?  Who has more?
  • Ask your child to help sort their toys or clothes. Encourage them to sort by color, size, shape or variety.  Talk about how they grouped the objects and why.
  • Stay active with math. Which shapes do you notice on our walk?  How many times can we catch the ball?  How far can you jump?  How tall can you stack the blocks?

The Library’s Ready to Read Team (readytoread@toledolibrary.org) also provides families with a free Kindergarten Readiness training.   Families can watch this video, and then complete a quick form  to request a free Kindergarten Kit.

Enjoy these great picture books to spark your child’s understanding of key mathematical concepts!

Lia and Luis: Who Has More?

Print  |  hoopla

Bracelet’s for Bina’s Brothers

Print hoopla

Round Is A Tortilla

Print  |  eBook  |  eAudiobook  |  hoopla

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