10 Noteworthy Graphic Novels for Teens

Posted on August 20, 2019

by Erin P

The graphic novels in this blog post include a variety of storylines and genres. Everything from action/adventure to fantasy to the supernatural. They’re perfect for grades 7-12 and/or anyone who enjoys good stories.

10 Great YA Graphic Novels

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

1. American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

Alternates three interrelated stories about the problems of young Chinese Americans trying to participate in the popular culture.

Amulet (book 1): The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

2. Amulet: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

After moving into an old ancestral home, Emily and Navin’s mother is kidnapped and dragged down the basement stairs by a mysterious creature, and after giving chase, the kids find themselves in a magical but dangerous world of man-eating demons, a mechanical rabbit, and shadowy enemies.

The case of the team spirit (bad machinery, 1) by John Allison

3. The Case of the Team Spirit by John Allison

In Tackleford, England, three girls and three boys–all aspiring crime solvers and grammar school students–clash while running separate investigations, but a mutual solution could be achieved if they would just work together.

Bone : The Dragonslayer by Jeff Smith

4. Bone: Dragonslayer by Jeff Smith

The adventure starts when cousins Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone are run out of Boneville and later get separated and lost in the wilderness, meeting monsters and making friends as they attempt to return home.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

5. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: The Crucible by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Now a hit Netflix series! On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the young sorceress Sabrina Spellman finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between an unearthly destiny and her mortal boyfriend, Harvey. But a foe from her family’s past has arrived in Greendale, Madame Satan, and she has her own deadly agenda.

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish lieutenant by Tony Cliff

6. Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff

A first published graphic novel by a three-time Eisner Award-nominated artist follows the exploits of Delilah Dirk, a 19th-century adventuress whose latest international caper targets a rich, corrupt Sultan in Constantinople.

Illegal by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin

7. Illegal by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin

Resolved to join the siblings who left months earlier, 12-year-old Ebo ventures through the Sahara and the dangerous streets of Tripoli before embarking on a hazardous voyage from Ghana to a safe haven in Europe.

In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang

8. In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang

Immersing herself in an online fantasy game, Anda confronts a difficult choice when she befriends a disadvantaged Chinese child who illegally collects rare items in the game and sells them to other players.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder

9. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder

Lunella Lafayette is a preteen super genius who wants to change the world-but learned the hard way that it takes more than just big brains. Fearful of the monstrous Inhuman genes inside her, life is turned upside down when a savage, red-scaled tyrant is teleported from prehistoric past to a far-flung future we call Today. The pair are many things, and together the most amazing Marvel Team-Up.

Princeless by Jeremy Whitley

10. Princeless by Jeremy Whitley

Princess Adrienne is tired of being locked in a tower, waiting around to be rescued by a prince. She escapes from the tower with the help of her guardian dragon, Sparky, and with her plucky sidekick Bedelia, Adrienne sets off on a quest to rescue her sisters who are suffering the same fate.

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