15 Really Long Books About American History

Posted on August 5, 2022

by Eric P

Some history books are little miracles of concision, efficient nuggets of information that let you dip into a historical event, get a quick taste of some crucial details, and pop out again in time to watch the Kardashians.

These are… not those. Because sometimes, instead, you want to dive in, luxuriate in the textures of a historical milieu, spend a few days or weeks or longer in an author’s meticulous recreation of a time gone by. Each of these books, all weighing in at over five hundred pages (and some of them about twice that), is an opportunity to spend serious quality time with some slice of American history, whether that in-depth treatment covers a single construction project, a presidency, an entire war, a whole decade, or beyond.

You might as well take one of these for a spin. Beach read season is pretty much behind us; time to settle into fall doorstop season.

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