$20,000 Grant : Web Literacy Training

Posted on September 12, 2017

by Andy L

The opportunity to gain experience from the Mozilla team has perpetuated a powerful internal message at TLCPL to continue evolving, innovating, and investing in staff development (see our Strategic Plan).

Where we are

A large portion of the staff have graduated Module 1 and are moving into Modules 2 and 3. We hope to have the majority of the 400 staff members through all 3 Modules. This will make training all staff by the end of 2018 a realistic goal. We want to ensure our staff are equipped with a solid foundation in Web Literacy so they can help customers 1-on-1 and in class situations.

Using grant funds

$20,000 is a lot of money. We put the bulk of that money towards new laptops for training staff. After all staff have been trained, the laptops will be integrated into request-able kits for librarians to use for public training classes. With limited space at our locations, it makes sense for the kits to be shared between all of them.

What’s next

Come check out some fun events this fall!

Email Basics

In this class, you will learn how to create an email account, edit emails, use email contacts, and send and receive attachments safely (the ability to type and use a mouse is required). This is a 2 week series. Contact Kent at 419-259-5340 to register.

September 20 and September 27

October 18 and October 25

November 22 and November 29

Phone Photos

Learn how to work with the photos on your phone, discuss storage options for freeing up space, and how to make some quick edits. Email address and iCloud Account or Gmail Account required.

October 18

November 29

App the Library

This all-encompassing class is for anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Learn how to access great eMedia through the apps and services offered by the Library. Learn about Hoopla, Overdrive, Zinio, and more! A question and answer session will help you get the most out of your device. Android and Apple iOS users welcome!

September 20

November 1

December 13

Coding Club

Have you ever wanted to create a video game, program a robot, or make a website? Come to the library, make some friends, learn more about coding, and show others your skills. Grades 4-9.

September 20

October 4

October 18

November 1

November 15

Let’s Code

Do you want to make your own computer game? Come to the library and learn the basics of the coding program Scratch. For grades 3-6.

September 12

September 19

September 28

Let’s Code 2

This program is for kids in grades 3-6 who know how to use the program Scratch. We will learn further uses of the program and how to make harder games.

October 3

October 10

Studio Sessions

Ready to make some noise? Want to create your own vlog, podcast or the perfect youtube video? Bring your ideas and we will show you how the Oregon Branch studio can help make them happen.

October 13

November 1

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