5 Happy Little Items To Check Out Before You Watch the Movie Paint

Posted on April 5, 2023

by Brooke C

Carl Nargle, the main character in the movie Paint, was inspired by Bob Ross. A television personality we can all recognize, most of us even know a few of Bob Ross’ catchphrases. But how much do we really know about him as a person? Check out some of the DVDs and books below to learn more about his life, watch him paint, and then maybe do a cross stich just for fun!

Bob Ross – The Happy Painter


This documentary shows us Bob Ross, the person, in addition to the painter. It includes interviews with celebrities, personal photos, and a look at how it all got started.

Joy of Painting TV Series 3


Airing in 1984, Series 3 includes a mix of paintings, all unique and beautiful. My personal favorites are Campfire, Peaceful Waters, and Winter Night.

Bob Ross Four Seasons: Fall


This 3-disc set contains 13 of his fall painting episodes. If you try Evening at Sunset you have to promise to show me when it’s done!

Bob Ross Cross Stitch: 12 Happy Little Cross Stitch Patterns


This might be the most fun book I’ve found in quite a while, and I had to include it. Who doesn’t want to cross stitch a Bob Ross quote on everything?

Bob Ross


Although technically a children’s book, this was too cute to not include. Not only does it take me back to childhood by being a Little Golden Book, but the illustrations are cute, and I learned a lot about his life. Spoiler Alert: his hair is not naturally curly.

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