5 Titles to Get Hyped for the Return of The Boys

Posted on June 3, 2022

by Franco V

The Boys is an irreverent, hyper-violent TV and comic book series that sends up the superhero genre and late stage capitalism by asking what if superheroes weren’t very nice people and what if they were beholden to a corporate conglomerate? With season 3 of the TV series on Amazon Prime, here are some comics and movies you should read and see to get hyped.

The Boys: Ombibus written by Garth Ennis; art by Darick Robertson


There’s no better place to engage with The Boys than reading the source material. While the TV show has diverged a bit from the comic, both are equally enjoyable.



Bob Odenkrik takes an action star turn as ex-military personnel who now lives in a boring suburban dystopia until certain events pull him back into a life that requires him to use his skills to defeat the Russian mob. This film is a bit zany and over the top, but it hits all the right notes for artfully executed cinematic violence.

BRZRKR created by Keanu Reeves; written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt; art by Ron Garney; colors by Bill Crabtree; letters by Clem Robins


Evidence that we are living in the strangest of timelines, this comic by Keanu Reeves (yes, the actor) pits himself in the title role as an immortal half-god who has been used throughout the centuries of human existence to win wars. Now working for the United States government, he is trying to piece together his past while simultaneously being used in covert operations. Already slated to be adapted as a Netflix movie, this comic book series is full of intrigue and excitement, a must read for action fans.

Murder Falcon by Daniel Warren Johnson

Look, I’m not promising this one will make a lot of sense, but it is filled with ridiculous action fun. All you need to know is that the main character Jake…his life is falling apart until he meets his avatar, Murder Falcon. Together they battle monsters with a magical guitar. Just don’t ask a lot of questions about this one and have fun, you’ll be golden.

Beowulf by Santiago García and David Rubín

What does a graphic novel retelling of an Old English epic poem have to do with the modern take on superheroes that is The Boys? Not much, except for the fact that Santiago García and David Rubín explore Beowulf’s quest to defeat Grendel through the lens of an action adventure. Filled with style and gore, this graphic novel treats the epic as if it were an art house film.

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