Be Transported by the Top 20 Titles for World UFO Day

Posted on June 24, 2024

by Amy H

June 24th and July 2nd are both referred to as World UFO Day (it’s complicated). The June 24 date recognizes the first widely reported UFO sighting in 1947 by aviator Kenneth Arnold. The July 2 date commemorates the incident that took place the same year in Roswell, New Mexico.  Written record of humans sighting unexplained objects in the sky exists prior to 1947, but after the Arnold and Roswell incidents reports increased dramatically and the investigations of these unusual sightings began in earnest. Astronomer Josef Allen Hynek began studying these events and eventually wrote several books about his UFO research. He created The Hyneck Scale, which ranks sightings by proximity, from Nocturnal Lights to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  All around the world, unusual lights in the sky or strange occurrences right here on earth keep people curious about encounters with otherworldly beings. World UFO Day celebrates our curiosity about extraterrestrial life.

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