Biome and Ecosystem Resources for Grades 4-5

Posted on October 16, 2020

by Kate M

Biomes are a large, naturally occurring community of plants and animals occupying a habitat. Ecosystems are the interactions between the living things and the non-living things in a biome.

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When searching our resources, try using keyword search terms: biomes, ecosystems, habitats. Also search using specific biome names: desert, rainforest, tundra, grassland, etc.

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Gale Virtual Reference
Cover of UXL Encyclopedia of Biomes

UXL Encyclopedia of Biomes

This three-volume set covers land biomes and water biomes. Entries discuss climate, soil, vegetation, animal life, food web, plant and animal adaptations, endangered species and human effects on the biome. Link will take you to a catalog entry. Chose “Access from remote location.” Library card and PIN number will be required.

Seasons of the Estuary Biome
Biomes and Ecosystems
Q & A About Biomes
Seasons of the Boreal Forest Biome
Ecosystem Facts That You Should Know: The Savanna and Tundra Edition
Understanding Biomes
World Book eBooks:
Cover of Forests and Wetlands Cover of Forests and Wetlands

Forests and Wetlands

Cover of Oceans, Islands and Polar Regions Cover of Oceans, Islands and Polar Regions

Oceans, Islands and Polar Regions

Cover of Mountains, Deserts and Grasslands Cover of Mountains, Deserts and Grasslands

Mountains, Deserts and Grasslands


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