Blogging 101: Google Analytics for Beginners

Posted on June 3, 2020

by April S

If you’re new to the Toledo Library blog, you may have missed the other posts in our “blogging 101” series. Each post focuses on different aspects of blogging in the twenty-first century. Our first two posts discussed starting a blog, writing quality content and creating a blog schedule. Future posts in the series will touch on keyword research, SEO and digital marketing strategies.

What’s one of the basic building blocks of a good blog? Of course, content is king. But after that, what’s left? What do you need to know to be a successful blogger these days? Simply put, a lot. Even if your blog has the best content in the world, it’s still possible to have low numbers.

Things to consider when analyzing your blog content:

What are the factors influencing your blog’s performance? Sure, things like post titles, headings, layout, keywords, quality and quantity of content influence stats. But after that, what do you need to look at? Start with the people visiting your blog. How are they finding your content and how long are they sticking around to read your blog? How do you gather this type of information? By using one of the most popular web services out there today – Google Analytics.

Why you should use Google Analytics:

It allows website owners to gain a better understanding of their customers and provides insights that can help improve content, products, services and marketing efforts.

Questions Google Analytics Can Answer:
  • What are the total views for my blog or website?
  • Where are visitors coming from (i.e., Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Which pages are people selecting once they’re on my website?
  • How long are people staying on my blog?
  • What are the demographics for my visitors?
Learn more about Google Analytics:

The great thing about is that there’s a variety of content at all levels from beginners to experts. And with your Toledo Library card you have access 24 hours a day.

Recommended courses:

  • Learning Web Analytics with Matt Bailey
  • Google Analytics Essential Training with Corey Koberg
  • Advanced Google Analytics with Brad Batesole

Once you complete a course on, you’ll receive a certificate of completion you can add to your LinkedIn profile or add to your resume.

Online Tools:
Library Materials:
Analytics the Agile Way
by Phil Simon

The world changes fast, so speed in everything we do is more important than ever before. We can no longer rely on timely and antiquated methods. Explore the techniques used by progressive organizations like Google, Nextdoor and others. Learn how to turn raw data into meaningful insights without turning it into a painful, time-consuming and frustrating process.
Successful Analytics: Gain Business Insights by Managing Google Analytics
by Brian Clifton

This two-part book isn’t for beginners. It’s geared towards professionals working in related fields who would like to expand their knowledge and expertise. What does it take to be successful with Google Analytics? How can it be used to inform decisions and formulate a better digital strategy?

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